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Top 20 WordPress social sharing plugin to Boost your Traffic [updated]

Social sites are exceptional strength of a website. Each day, social media marketing is getting bigger and bigger. Wanna get people know about your site fast? The best way is the social media platform.

Hence, you must include a social media platform for your site. To achieve that, you need to add a WordPress social sharing plugin. It will not only share your product throughout your social channels but also improve audience count.

Although you achieve your goal with the social sharing plugin, only the right ones will play an important role. In this blog, we will introduce you to the top 20 WordPress social sharing plugin that will boost your traffic.

Top 20 WordPress social sharing plugin to Boost your Traffic

Selecting something like the top is not easy. If its based on just popularity but not integrity, then it’s a biased judgment. Hence, we will enlist twenty top social sharing plugins based on their integration and compatibility with WordPress. Hold on your coffee; let’s get started!

1. Revive.Social

social sharing plugins

Revive Social is an automated social platform management system. It is a brilliant plugin that updates not only new posts/articles but also updates old posts simultaneously. The best thing about it is, it secures constant traffic on your site. That’s why it is a top WordPress Social Sharing plugin.

As you know, to stay on the ranking, you need to re-post the older posts from time to time. As a matter of fact that, these tasks are not simple. Because, every time you want to re-update the post, you need a reasonable amount of time to go through every thread you went with it.

Even so, you don’t need to worry anymore. Because Revive Social can track the path records of every post you have, you don’t need to check manually. Hence, you just need to relax and let it do the trouble work.

2. Monarch


If you want to see all and manage all your posts on social media altogether, Monarch is your best option. It has a stunning interface that will keep all your post data in categories according to platforms.

Monarch is a product of the Elegant-Themes team, developed solely for WordPress social media share purposes. The main aspects of this plugin are its pixel-perfect graphics and well-arranged interface. Moreover, you will find all things neatly arranged in its dashboard. You can review your post data, date, type, length, etc. all in one place. Furthermore, you can add up to 5 different locations. Also, you can add a popup function with it.

So, hurry up and grab this fantastic WordPress social share plugin for your website. Additionally, this plugin co-operates with the DIVI platform. So, if you want to know what is DIVI, visit them now.

3. Easy Social Share Buttons


For a stylish side-mounted social share integration, you must use the Easy Social Share Buttons plugin. After all, it is one of the fastest and mightiest WordPress social share plugins available on the market.

With this incredibly powerful and flexible plugin, you don’t need any other supporting plugins. Because it has smart integration support for over 50 social media platforms, you just need to install it and enjoy its facilities. Moreover, it gives users a more profound interface for customization. You can, however, customize every media buttons as you like. Also, the icons have a variable positioning system, which means you can put them anywhere you want.

In summary, the best way to boost your website through social media is to use Easy Social Share Buttons. It is highly recommended as a leading WordPress social share plugin.

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4. SocailFans

social sharing plugins

SocialFans is a specialist among the social share plugins. It is one of the excellent tools that work perfectly as a social counter. It is a handy tool that supports most of the social platforms.

The good thing is, it has pixel-perfect retina-ready graphics on the icons and interface. Not to mention, it supports 30+ social platforms. Furthermore, it has a stable base with smart coding. As a result, it takes less space and gives less load on your website. That is why it is a pretty handy & lightweight WordPress social share plugin. If you want a fast and minimalist interface, SocialFans is for you.

5. Social Share & Locker


Another big giant in the social share plugin industry is the Social Share & Locker plugin. Unlike its competitors, this addon draws more attention using its pixel-perfect icons and responsive design.

A powerful plugin is considered powerful for a couple of facts or aspects. One of them is mobile responsive design. In fact, the social share & locker plugin has a stable and robust code running behind it. As a result, you can get highly mobile responsive behavior from it. With a total number of 44 social sites support it has, you don’t have to worry about the social site boost of your website. Hence, it is a top WordPress social share plugin.

6. Share+

social sharing plugins

If you need a social share plugin that is both lightweight and premium, then Share+ is for you. It is indeed one of the best plugins for an excellent user experience.

Whether you are new on the field or a pro, you will worry less about using this plugin. Because of its smart interface, you will be able to identify as soon as you hit the rock. In terms of customer service and user-friendly interface, Share+ will not lose to anyone. The best things about it are; it’s highly customizable, perfect HTML5, Jquery, & CSS3 coding, and easy-to-use admin panel. Choose this brilliant plugin to boost your website on social media networks quickly. We highly recommend it as a top WordPress social share plugin.

7. WP Ultimate Social


WP Ultimate Social is an all-rounder plugin for social media management. True facts about this plugin are, it is super lightweight, very easy to use, and fully responsive.

Most of the social share plugins on the market aim for two or three functions. But this plugin has an astonishing number of seven active tasks at a time. Not only it will give you icons for social sharing, but also it provides counter, login, feeds, auto post, Pinterest, etc. So, if you run a business that gives you less time for social media boosting, worry no more. Install WP ultimate social plugin and have it do the job. It is indeed a top WordPress social sharing plugin.

8. Instagram Theatre


For users that like to be active on Instagram frequently, we recommend the Instagram Theatre plugin. It offers the best interface to merge your website with the popular Instagram network. With it, you can upload and manage all of your Instagram feeds easily.

It offers a customizable menu as well as a fully responsive feature. So, no matter what device you use, you will get a clear view of it. Also, it has a couple of modes for the viewing interface. So, edit, share, and enjoy Instagram easily with this brilliant tool. It is an excellent WordPress social share plugin.

9. AX Social Stream

social sharing plugins

AX social stream is a fantastic WordPress social share plugin that combines all social media posts, images, videos into one interface. It is a tool for developers and admins to manage their sites’ social media activity correctly.

The most significant things about it are, it presents eight different layout styles, ads management, slideshow presentation view, and automatic updates. Moreover, with a fully responsive interface, you can just put it anywhere, and still, it will look beautiful. Developers always seek flexible tools to work with, and AX social stream is one of them. We recommend it as a top-grade WordPress social share plugin.

10. Advanced Social Widget MailChimp Edition


Who doesn’t know about MailChimp? MailChimp has been on the internet world for years with its fast & quality services. Now, they made their interface integrated with social media platforms. As a result, you get social media management services with its main feature still intact!

What you will get is a one-in-all social media sharing plugin with the Advanced Social widget MailChimp edition. It is well-coded, dynamic, and has retina-ready graphics. It perfectly aligns with other WordPress plugins and gives you full customization control over them. Also, it serves as a traditional MailChimp addon. You can easily use this fully responsive plugin to handle all of your social media platforms. We recommend it as a top WordPress social share plugin.

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11. Social Locker for WordPress


Most of the social share plugins have an interface that doesn’t have any unique animation or style. If you talk about a fantastic plugin that has unique animation, you are most probably talking about Social Locker. It is indeed a top class social share plugin within your reach.

Now, the cool thing is, this plugin also analyses your social media traffics and gateways. With the data it gets, it tries to improve and secure more traffic for your website. Again, you can change its appearance from a variety of options. They also have SEO support so, what are you waiting for? We highly recommend this brilliant WordPress social sharing plugin.

12. PHPSocial

social sharing plugins

PHPSocial is another excellent social sharing system. It has an identical interface like Facebook. Likewise, its users can use live chat, share or comment, send private messages and more.

Why should I use PHPSocial on my website?- this question may arrive frequently. Well, let me explain a bit. Not only it gives you customisable interface, but also it allows you to share/view on-page. Although it is not a lightweight plugin like other social share addons, it still has more functions. That is why it is a top WordPress social sharing plugin.

13. InstaShow


Let’s get into more dramatic website style with InstaShow. Until now, all the plugins we have shown you have more/less pretty good graphics and stuff. But now, we will show you what a premium tool looks like.

That’s right! InstaShow is one of the top-rated plugins for social share activities. This neat plugin has a mind-blowing interface graphics that stuns its consumers every time. With the graphics and background management, they have made others look like puny. It offers 60+ variable parameters, stable interface, and a customisable UI. Even it has more than 21 language support. Therefore, it is best suited for your website as a top WordPress social sharing plugin.

14. PixelPhoto


PixelPhoto is a photo-sharing tool for Instagram. It has a smart UI that integrates properly with your website. As it is a script tool, it doesn’t get corrupted as third-party integration.

This plugin creates an interface similar to Instagram. But, the fun thing is, you don’t need to redirect to any new page for it. You can actually see it in effect on-page inside your webpage. It’s a pretty fantastic piece of technology. Furthermore, you can edit the script to add more functions if you wish. It is a top WordPress social sharing plugin that you can use without worries.

15. Social Wall

social sharing plugins

Social Wall is a universal tool for sharing social events on-page. It has similar functionalities like most of the social media plugins on the market. But, the unique thing about it is, this tool comes cheap and supports all the social platforms. In fact, it can share posts, images, and videos from any platform. You can grab this lightweight and fast plugin for social affairs on your website. We recommend it as a top WordPress social sharing plugin.

16. SocialKit


Now, this is another social media interface that has similar features as Facebook. Like PHPSocial, SocialKit has made their platform based on ideas from Facebook. It is a bonafide social sharing platform that integrates perfectly with your website. It is a pretty fast and reliable plugin that comes cheap. But, the bad thing about it is, you can’t open it on-page. That’s more/less kills the main points of a plugin. But, it’s an excellent tool to use as a WordPress social share plugin.

17. jQuery Social Share Buttons


If you want a universal social sharing plugin that works like a charm, you must get JQuert Social share buttons. This plugin is very cheap and very lightweight. Even though it has limited functions as a counter, it’s very helpful and reliable. Get this awesome social sharing plugin now!

18. WP Easy Social Hover

social sharing plugins

If you need stylish buttons for your social affairs, WP Easy social hover is your key. This tool basically adds tonnes of effects with the social sharing buttons on your website. Unlike plain and pale interface, this tools gives a unique charm to your visitors. Almost nobody will avoid clicking such fancy buttons. Grab this cheap social sharing plugin and enjoy!

19. WordPress Social Sidebar


It’s not new to add social sharing buttons at a side-mounted position. What is new is, you can customise their style as anything you like with WordPress Social Sidebar. It supports over 30 social platforms and over 60 different styles. Moreover, you can create your unique style with its customisable menu easily. It is a handy social sharing plugin, indeed.

20. Blog2Social

social sharing plugins

Blog2Social is a free plugin for social media management. It’s an automated plugin that keeps your social platforms up to date without your assistance. Moreover, it has smart backlinks that will increase page traffic. Also, you can share your business with just a click or automatically with this tool.

This plugin supports all the social platforms, so you don’t need to worry about anything. It is a highly recommended WordPress social sharing plugin for your website.

That’s it! We hope that you have read the whole thing carefully. We have tried to cover a list of the top social sharing plugins you can find on the internet. This blog is for making you ease when choosing a social sharing plugin for your site. Feel free to suggest us if you know any excellent plugins on this field.

Thank you for reading this blog. Have a nice day!

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