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LMS Using Elementor

How to Make WordPress LMS using Elementor and Element Pack plugin

You’re running Learning Management System or eLearning website which means you know about what is LMS and how it works. But, a newbie who doesn’t have any knowledge and doesn’t know the process. Moreover, a million dolor question can come around. For example, Is that really possible to run an online course, school, college, and university, etc. by the WordPress LMS using Elementor? In this article, we are going to learn all these things.

Not to be familiar with the right way of developing a Learning Environment Providing website or more importantly specific tools required, right? I think, having zero coding knowledge along with costing and maintenance are very big issues that you’re facing.

Back to the million dolor question, I’m very much eager to describe the eLearning platform like UdemyCoursera, and Lynda that offer courses online. You can have a tour of them to get the ideas of the eLearning Platform or LMS if you don’t know about it yet.

Here, another question can arise in your mind is it really possible to make the e-learning platforms mentioned exactly on the above?

Despite having no coding knowledge, with the help of the tools mentioned below in this article, you will be able to make an eLearning and online course offering websites like UdemyCourseraLynda, and Teamtreehouse, etc. AKA WordPress LMS website.

So, let’s take a look. What the tools are.

  • WordPress (the most popular Content Management System)
  • Elementor (the most used popular website page builder)
  • Tutor LMS (a complete, feature-packed and robust WordPress LMS plugin)
  • Element pack (an ultimate essential addon for Elementor Page Builder)

The tools mentioned above in the list are enough for making a quality Learning Management System website without any hassle.

LMS & WordPress: And the Need

What is LMS?

LMS stands for Learning Management System. It delivers and manages all types of content, including video, courses, and documents. You might call it the process of distance education.

University, college, school, kindergarten, daycare, educational training center, corporate training, coaching center, course tutor, and etc. are taking assistance from the Online WordPress LMS Platform.

Why do you need an LMS?

The six major advantages of LMS: interoperability, accessibility, reusability, durability, maintenance ability, and adaptability will help you to decide why you need LMS.

Other advantages that make sure the scale-up of the LMS website using Elementor and WordPress include:

  • Content in various formats: text, video, audio, etc. is supported by an LMS.
  • Materials are accessible anytime, from everywhere.
  • Teachers can modify the content, and students can see the updated material.
  • Students’ evaluation is easier and fair on the basis of student attendance and online quizzes.
  • Students and teachers can re-use the material every time in accordance with their needs.
  • An LMS is a cost-effective approach to learning.

Despite having the advantages, LMS has disadvantages too.

  • An LMS requires a well-built technology infrastructure.
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What is WordPress?

WordPress is a free open-source powerful website builder also known as CMS (Content Management System). It has evolved itself from a blog-publishing system to a multi-web publishing system and the list goes on: Learning Management System(LMS) site, Business Website, eCommerce, Portfolio Website, Online Community Website, Multilingual Website, Niche Affiliate Website, etc. 35% of the web uses WordPress, from hobby blogs to the biggest news sites online.

Why do you need a WordPress?

  • Free to use
  • Easy customization facilities with Themes and Plugins
  • Easy to manage with a useful admin dashboard
  • Safe and secure from any accident or hacking for built-in updated themes and plugins
  • Handling facilities of different media types(image, audio, and audio files)

Above you’ve heard enough. Now at this stage of this article, I’m going to show how you, as a tech-savvy, can make a complete WordPress LMS education site using Elementor or popularly known as eLearning website from the very scratch level.

But before starting, I think you should make sure what you’re going to display, include on your website, and how? So, let’s see. Here’s a quick breakdown of what a basic WordPress LMS website might look like:

  • Hero section
  • Admission/ enrollment section
  • Recent/Popular Courses
  • Teachers Team
  • Upcoming Events
  • Students Testimonial or What student say?/ Success stories
  • Publications/blog
  • Newsletter
  • Footer
  • Best Facilities(academic/physical)
  • Visual/ video appearance(optional)

So far what you’ve read is theoretical. Here below you’ll be able to know how to make WordPress LMS using Elementor and Element Pack step by step. Let’s get started.

Elementor and Element Pack: the way of making WordPress LMS

Step-1: Hero section to Promote

Having a piece of knowledge about the Hero Section is so crucial because it always takes its place at the top of a web page. Keep one thing in your mind, what – Slider with a textual message, registration form, Intro video, you can display in the hero section of a web page, I think that’s enough for describing the crucial role of the section. Since you are going to launch an Online Course Offering site based on WordPress.

Like other websites, it’s always seen to have a Hero Section in terms of a website like this. The Hero Section taking its position at the top of a webpage is very very crucial because it allows one to:

  • Announce what they are doing with specialty
  • Display a form with some textual message
  • Or, show an intro video

strong>Key To: Here I’ll guide you to make the Hero section as you see the above screenshot. Thinking, what is the key to, right? It is super easy.

Firstly, you have to activate a theme (Rooten Theme – recommended).
Next, You need to activate drag and drop page builder because as a tech-savvy, you have a complete chance to make any site using the page builder plugin.

Elementor Element Pack (-recommended). The first one is a drag & drop page builder and the second one is a plugin supporting the first one.

Step-2: Admission/ enrolment section of an LMS website using Elementor

When you’re running a distance learning Forum website, you need to let the students enroll. So, it is mandatory to have an admission or enrollment section on your page. This section will surely allow you to grow your business.

There are numerous plugins or addons whatever you call that will allow you to make any kind of form like registercontactenrollment, etc. Here, I can give you the ideas of the plugins that are capable to meet your requirements. For example, Contact Form 7Caldera FormGravity FormsQuFormWP FormsweForm, etc. These all are so popular.

Suppose, you have a product or service and want to sell or serve. You should always follow how smartly to be displayed. So, If you want to display your product or service smartly with a view to selling, you can try Elementor and Element Pack along with other page builders. For example, King ComposerSiteOriginDiviBeaver Builder, and many more.

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Step-3: Recent/Popular Courses section in LMS Based Portal Site

The popular or recent courses section is the blood of a learning website. What do you think I am exaggerating? Not at all. Through this section, you can easily display your courses for sale. More importantly, the course value, duration, and rating are allowed here to convince the target people. Ultimately that’s the main goal of this kind of website.

In this section below, I’ll guide you to make the popular course section.

To begin with, you have to install WordPress and LMS plugin. There are numerous plugins like LearnPress, Tutor LMS, Sensei LMS, Lifter LMS, in the WordPress directory. If you ask, what should you go for, I’ll recommend you, Tutor LMS. If you want you can go for another one you suit.

Install WordPress (Content Management System) and Tutor LMS(the plugin of the Learning Management System). When you are going to offer courses or lessons, to show student dashboard, teacher profiles and panels, Course requirements & instructions and etc., the plugin like Tutor LMS will allow you to do everything actually whatever is needed for online courses.

After activating the LMS plugin, you will get some options with the dashboard under the plugin. As you see on the screenshot. From there, you will be able to work with Courses, Categories, Tags, Students, Instructors, Q & A, Quiz Attempts, etc.

Suppose, you want to create courses or lessons. Just go to WordPress Dashboard > Tutor LMS > Courses > Add New.

Similarly taking the facilities of the dashboard of Tutor LMS, you can manage all the things related to the e-learning website.

The actual work of the LMS plugin like LearnPess, Lifter, Sensei, and Tutor LMS is to execute the course line-up and to manage. Now I’ll tell you as to the course presentation and for that, you can take the assist of WordPress centered numerous plugins, e.g. Elementor, Element Pack, etc. If you use this type of plugin, you’ll be able to show the course rating, title, duration, price, etc. As you see in the rectangular marked section of the above picture.

Step-4: Teachers Team Section Using Elementor and WordPress LMS

If you want to mention the names of the mentors/ instructors or teachers, this section is here to help you. In this section, you have a chance to feature all of the top-rated teachers. You should keep in mind, teachers’ face value and track record are very much important.

Grid wise and carousel wise presentation, both are different. But very much effective. See the screenshot above and get ideas. Besides, you can demonstrate this section list or table list-wise.

Step-5: LMS Site Upcoming Events section

To make an LMS website animate, the announcement of an event is a productive way. Not to mention, upcoming events are a very useful idea to make the flow of possible target people to the online courses. There are a few ways to arrange events such as gird, carousel, list, table list. All these things are a matter of test and to meet all the ways, you will have to use plugins like Elementor, Essential Addons, Power Pack, Element Pack, Premium Addons, etc.

Step-6: What students say Web Page using Elementor?

In this section, you can show the reviews or ratings by the students of the courses offered on your website. The testimonial of the students is the way of increasing the credibility of whatever courses you are offering on your website.

Step-7: Blog section of a Portal Site

Now, let’s talk about the blog section. This section is a part and parcel of a website especially the Edu Portal Site because it will allow you to share the post that you think, your students/subscribers should know. Nothing to say, if the website is a Learning Management System type website. I want to remind you that using WordPress(Content Management System) and some wonderful plugins, you’ll be able to make any kind of site ranging from blog to anything.

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Step-8: Newsletter section

A newsletter is one kind of electronic report bearing news of the activities of a business that is sent to its members, employees, or subscribers. When you’re operating an eLearning website, you need to notify your students about your activities. So, a newsletter is a must.

Step-9: Footer section

Footer Section using Elementor

Like numerous websites, distance-learning or e-learning website also allows a footer section that contains important information such as a copyright notice, a disclaimer, a few links, etc. Therefore, for these things, you should keep the footer section on your website.

Step-10: Best facilities section

This is another section that you can keep it on yours if you run an academic website such as a university, coaching, etc.

Step-11: Video Appearance section

Video is one of the web contents. It is a very interactive part of a website. Adding video section means to enhance quality. Normally, this type of section is not used. It is optional. If you want, you can add it.

Over this article, You have known what is WordPress LMS website and how you can make it. Here, section-wise, I’ve tried to show the different sections of an LMS. Hopefully, my efforts will be very useful to you and you with the support of Some wonderful/ handy plugins mentioned above will be able to make your desire website.

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