Welcome To Element Pack Pro

The all-new Element Pack Pro brings incredibly advanced, and super-flexible widgets, to the Elementor page builder for WordPress. Explore expertly-coded widgets with first-class support, risk-free! Get a full-refund if you’re not 100% satisfied.*

Element Pack Pro Features

Fully Responsive Design

Our widgets are completely responsive and adapt to any device’s screen size or orientation. We exhaustively test them in a large number of device configurations. Only when they’re confirmed as fully-responsive, will we release them.

Proudly Styled With

Careful Craftsmanship

Our goal is to distinguish our products with creativity, quality, and usability. We strive to bring you, our customers, unique and highly-customizable widgets.

Clean and Fast

Properly Validated Coding

We follow the cutting edge of professional programming, focusing on HTML5, CSS3, PHP7, and more. Our widgets’ code is efficiently built and properly formed, based on the latest WordPress API classes and functions, which means your pages load faster!

24-Hours A Day // 7-Days A Week

Superior Support System

Our Expert Support Team is available through our forum and live chat. Registered users can get faster responses, and work out problems directly with a team member who actively develops our products.

Now our Superior Support System means you can get help when you need it.

Solid Design Theory Makes

Beautiful Color Pallets

Our attention to creative color theory helps you build attractive, contemporary websites with cohesive designs. We strive to compose every one of our widgets and pages with well-matched, complimentary color pallets.

Customer Focused

Timely Product Updates

We squash bugs, and release new features to our clients as quickly as they can be validated. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. In some cases, we’ll acknowledge an issue, and push out a corrective revision the next day. 

Check our  change logs.

Extensive Customization

Unbelievably Flexible Settings

We are dedicated to giving our customers the best, fastest, and most feature rich Add-On we can produce. The option to change virtually every aspect of our widgets unlocks incredible capabilities for creative designers and page builders.


On-Demand Help

Expert Video Tutorials

There is no better, or faster way to learn, than by example. Watching one of our many video tutorials allows you to discover the features and tools that matter you. Plus, you can rewind and play a segment over and over, until your confident in your widget mastery.

Forward Thinking

WooCommerce Ready

Whether e-commerce is an integral part of your website, or something you will consider in the future. Our widgets and pages are coded with WooCommerce compatibility built-in.

This means your products, services, and presentation will always look great.

Design Like a Boss

Customize Header & Footer

Rooten Theme have customizable header & footer ready made blocks makes you to present dynamic design with mixing of your mindset. It’s doesn’t matter, if your coding knowledge is poor? If you want to make a eye catching site, so Rooten Theme will power ups you. 

Performance & Score

It's Fast & Lightweight

Rooten is created with both speed and performance in mind. Rooten is optimized and provides get extremely high speed Create a website you’ll be excited to share with one of these professionally designed WordPress themes

Who We Are

Specially Elementor Page Builder

Rooten is a WordPress theme specifically designed for the ease of drag and drop interface of Elementor page builder & Element Pack. So, it is an fully capable of creating any type of web pages you want.

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