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How to create a portfolio page using Elementor page builder plugin

Hello guys. This is a step-by-step tutorial for creating a perfect portfolio using Elementor for your website. Many times, for different occasions, you may face trouble while designing a portfolio that goes along your theme. To ease your trouble, today I’m gonna show you how to create a portfolio using Elementor that fits every occasion.

Note that the Portfolio Gallery widget that I used in this tutorial is a Product of Element Pack Pro. So, I suggest that you get it before starting.

Before Starting You Must Need:

  • Active WordPress
  • Elementor Page Builder Plugin
  • Element Pack Pro Plugin

Before going further, please install Elementor and Element Pack into your dashboard. It’s an easy process as you have to install them from the Plugins menu. Just click Add New and add them by searching their names. This is the first step in creating a portfolio using Elementor page builder.

Installing Portfolio Gallery Widget

Installing Portfolio Gallery Widget

For starters, go to Element Pack plugin menu from WordPress dashboard. There, from the 3rd party widgets, click on the download button to download and install Portfolio Gallery widget. Then just activate it with one click on it.

Setting up Portfolio Gallery Widget

Configuring widget in dashboard

After you install the widget, it will automatically create a menu on your dashboard. To create a portfolio using Elementor and Portfolio Gallery widget, you must have portfolios inserted into your dashboard. To do that, go to Dashboard> Portfolio> Add New Item. Here, you can add your items to the portfolio. In this part, you can add a name for your item.

Configuring widget in dashboard

Again, you can write an Excerpt for each of your items and select a Featured Image. That’s it! Hit the Publish button and your items are now on the portfolio. It’s very easy to make a portfolio using Elementor.

Configuring widget in dashboard

Again, make sure to categorize your items or products for the portfolio. Creating a good category not only makes the portfolio beautiful but also makes it easy to use. Then the next step, for creating a portfolio using Element, is the page editor.

New Page For the Portfolio Using Elementor

Making a page for creating a portfolio using elementor

On your dashboard, go to Pages> Add New. You need to put a title for the page as the image shows. Then click on Edit With Elementor.

Installing Rooten theme

Note that, I’m using Rooten theme for this tutorial. It’s a premium product with a large potential. This is the lightest and fastest theme optimized for WordPress. Rooten theme is offering a huge range of customizable content with stylish artworks. This theme makes it easy and simple for users. It’s an easy-to-use theme for creating a portfolio using Elementor.

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Creating a Portfolio Using Elementor and Portfolio Gallery Widget

Inserting The Widget

Editing the page for creating a portfolio using elementor

First, you have to drag and drop the widget from the widget menu. Although, this task is nothing to be mentioned. But since many are new to Elementor, this step may help them a bit.

First Look of the Portfolio – Content Tab


After you insert the widget, you will see the Layout section opened from the Content tab. This tab holds the base settings of the portfolio widget. As you can see, the Skin is set to Default. The first image has a bit blacken out due to mouse hovering on it.

However, you can change the image size and enable pagination or masonry from this section. The Skin option helps you create your unique portfolio using Elementor.

Query for Portfolio using Elementor


This is where you specify the category of products or items you want to show on the portfolio. If you choose Manual Selection in the Source option, you can select a category. It’s the category you have made in the dashboard while creating this portfolio using Elementor.

You can also determine the number of products shown on one page. Also, you can set the order and offset it. These are the basic functions of your portfolio.

customizing portfolio using elementor

After setting the query, you can see the switcher to turn on the filter bar. It shows how many categories you have inserted in the portfolio. It’s handy and informative towards the visitors. Moreover, the filter bar option makes it easy for customers to choose their products. You need it to create a good portfolio using Elementor.

Additional Options for Portfolio using Elementor


In the Additional section, you have some more switchers and drop-down controllers. You can actually show/hide the title, excerpt, or categories. However, turning on/off these switchers will do the job. Look carefully at the Tilt Effect and Zoom on Hover switchers.


This is the Preview mode, showing the action of the two switchers. Adding these effects will not only make your portfolio rich but also make the visitors satisfied.

Now that you have completed the basics, it’s time to add some pepper on the dish. Let’s move on to the Style tab.

Style Your Portfolio using Elementor


customizing portfolio using elementor

Before moving on, I’m going to change the Skin to Abetis. Doing this will bring the title and excerpt into the image. The reason is, it will give you more visible ground and will take less space.

However, all the previous settings still remained attached. So, make sure to give another look at the Skin option.

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Customizing the Look of Portfolio Using Elementor


The first section Items lets you adjust the items column and row gaps. The more you increase the gaps, the more their size decreases. This happens because they are in a limited space. So, make sure to maintain the optimum gaps.

Moreover, you can adjust their border-radius from here. As the image shows, I’ve given them unique shapes with Border Radius. Just put 77 numbers in the Top and Bottom fields.

Again, you can change the color and alignment of the Titles of all the items at the same time. However, be sure to choose unique typography that represents your brand. You can also change the typography and color of the excerpt in the next section.

Create Unique Buttons for the Portfolio Using Elementor


Let’s make things a bit spicier. Turn on the Advanced Radius switcher and have a look. Therefore, you will see the icons appearing in a cool weird shape. This can be done from the Button section in the style tab. However, be sure to change the color as you like.

customizing portfolio

After that, change the alignment and bottom space of the filter bar to match your taste. Don’t forget to change the color and typography. The more refined look your portfolio has, the more it will attract visitors. So, keep that in mind.

Furthermore, changing the appearance of the pagination form the last section is also a good bargain.

Additional Options and Final Look of The Portfolio


After all these customizations, there’s still something off. Let’s throw in animation and make it complete. From the Advanced tab, go to the Motion Effects section. Just like above, choose an entrance animation to the portfolio.


After that, put a gradient color on the background to make a light-dark shade. You can do this in the Background section. Simply, go to Style tab> Background.

All done! Have a look at the finished product.


Hence, The portfolio is complete. No need to thank me. However, follow these steps carefully. Make yourself a unique and stunning portfolio using Elementor.

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