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Top 20 WordPress Developer to Follow – WordPress Community

WordPress is a well-known web hosting and page builder worldwide. WordPress dominates around 35% of the internet world. With a platform this big, it made a great community, linking people all around the globe. Successful WordPress developer power this strong community. They have been providing essential pieces of information regarding WordPress. We’ve been with this community for a long time now, and it’s been beneficial to us.

In this article, we will talk about the top 20 WordPress developer who made a massive contribution to the WordPress community. Time to time, you may face uncertain issues regarding your website. These developers always tend to face those issues and present solutions to you.

Enough talk. Let’s get into it!

Top 20 WordPress Developer to Follow

1. Tom McFarlin 

Tom McFarlin is a professional WordPress developer who lives in Atlanta, GA. He operates a personal blog, gives his perspective view on various aspects of WordPress. He likes to share insights about solving errors/crashes that your site may face. Around 14.4K twitter users follow him on his social account.

Check out his blog here.

2. John James Jacoby

John James is a professional who has been working as a WordPress plugin developer. He lives in East Troy, WI. He is known for his open criticism regarding technical faults about WordPress and its supported platforms. Also, he helps people with free courses and advice about WordPress development.

Check out his blog here.

3. Chris Lema

Now, who doesn’t know Chris Lema? He is a creative WordPress professional developer who has been giving many insights about WordPress development. He’s a public figure and speaks on WordCamp seminars from time to time. Also, he has been providing advice on WooCommerce integration. He has around 20K twitter followers.

Have a look at his blog.

4. Tom Ewer

For a beginner WordPress developer, Tom Ewer can be a great motivation. He has been providing sensitive issues regarding WordPress. Many of his high-quality contents about site development, freelancing, and management, helped beginners understand the odds quickly. He is not much active in his social media websites, but his blog is very much active.

Check out his blog.

5. Kevin Muldoon

Kevin Muldoon is a freelancer and developer at WordPress. He is a professional at his work, giving supportive advice to the users around the world. Moreover, his writing covers business, technology, and gaming. He’s very open about WordPress development and shares useful information from time to time. Kevin is one of a kind published WordPress developer.

Check his blog.

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6. Joost de Valk aka Yoast

If you have a website at WordPress and have been using Yoast SEO, you have heard the name Joost many times. That is right! He is a professional SEO researcher and trainer at Yoast platform. He has been delivering quality information about SEO optimization on your site. His company has over a hundred thousand twitter followers. Also, they have a stable blog site. Joost is a professional WordPress developer.

Check out their amazing blog.

7. Matt Medeiros

Matt Medeiros is a professional developer on podcast. He has been giving precious insights about podcast and WordPress. He interviews famous website developers to an open discussion. His services benefited many beginners and even many professionals. Matt has opened his personal blog to help out the whole WordPress developer community.

Check out his blog.

8. Joyce Grace

Joyce is a WordPress developer and online marketing expert. She has excellent knowledge of SEO optimization. She has been giving out a lot of useful information about managing a site with SEO friendly manner.

Check out her blog now.

9. Blogging Wizard

Blogging Wizard is a team of WordPress developer. Adam and his team frequently post essential blogs to improve your business. They mainly focus on content marketing strategies, giving free advice to people around the world. Adam shares all his findings and tips he learnt through his business on his blog. Adam has over 24K follower in twitter.

Check out their blog here.

10. Carrie Dils

Carrie is a freelancer and WordPress developer who has been working solely on WordPress. She runs a blog site that covers most of the information a new user need to learn about WordPress development. Also, she includes professional tips, tutorials, and tools in her blog. She has over nine thousand followers on twitter.

Check out her blog now.

11. Jeff Chandler

Jeff is a professional blogger at WP Tavern. He has been sharing the latest news and tips about WordPress since back in 2009. Indeed, he is an excellent WordPress developer that you need to get in touch with. A total number of 29K twitter followers and a great blog site has his backing.

Check out his blog here.

12. Jean Galea

Jean Galea, a professional WordPress developer, runs one of the most popular sites WP Mayor. He shares latest topics about WordPress and premium resources for the people that are looking for a stable job.

Check out his blog.

13. Kristi Hines

Kristi is a freelancer and a professional WordPress developer. If you want to learn about online marketing correctly, then Kristi’s’ blog is for you. Besides, you will be benefitted as a writer from reading the blog.

Check out his blog.

14. Devesh Sharma

Devesh is a professional WordPress developer who has been running a couple of websites successfully. You can learn all new and essential things about plugins from his blog. He shares premium materials more often to help people around the community. He has more than 11.4K twitter followers.

Check out his blog.


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15. Pippin Williamson

Pippin is a successful WordPress developer who has been working on plugins for a long time now. You know about the famous plugin “Easy Digital Downloads”. Well, it was developed by him. Pippin has been a renown name in the WordPress community. He has around 18K+ followers on twitter.

Check out his blog here.

16. Andrew Norcross

Andrew is another plugin developer at WordPress, having quite a deep relationship with the WordPress community. He has been very active on Wordcamps, WordPress boot camps, and more social activities. He has developed the Genesis Design Pro plugin recently that has brought a good impression on users.

Check out his blog for more information.

17. Rémi Corson

Remi is a professional theme developer, developing eCommerce toolkit for WooCommerce platform for WordPress. He has been sharing useful information and insights in the community and helping novice developers.

Check out his blog.

18. Bob WP

Bob is a WordPress developer, creating blogs with in-depth knowledge of WordPress for beginners to professional. His blog contains quality tips and advice for developers around the world. Also, he is running coaching services and training for building a professional website. He’s quite an old figure in this industry and famous for his contributions.

Check out his blog.

19. Regina Smola

Regina is a cybersecurity expert, working with an elite team at WP security lock. Whether you have a lockdown on your site or there are crashes due to inadequate site security, no need to worry. Regina has offered a good amount of information and services regarding site security that will help you a lot.

Check out her blog.

20. Mark Jaquith

Mark is a lead developer at WordPress. He has excellent knowledge about WordPress development and sharing valuable insights about it. If you want to improve your command over WordPress, you can follow his blog from time to time. He has more than 23K followers on twitter.

Check out his blog here.

That’s it for today. Hope you find this blog helpful. Thanks for reading this blog. Have a good day.

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