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Top WordPress email plugins for automating your email campaign – Pro tips!

WordPress email campaign brings in a lot of mobility while advertising your products to reach more people. Doing email marketing manually is a bothersome and an old generation technique. Now, we have smart auto bots that can process thousands of emails in seconds, notching the speed up to another level.

Today, we will be talking about such email plugins for WordPress that will automate your email campaign fully. These plugins offer a wide range of facilities as well as sweet options to choose different mail templates for different occasions. As a result, you have to tell your digital assistant about the tasks once, rest will be done automatically. This process will surely rock your business through a solid WordPress email campaign.

Top WordPress email plugins for automating your email campaign

Generally, the plugins designed for email campaigns are available in bulk in the market. Among the tonnes of them, only a handful amount have actual value in terms of service, quality, and WordPress integration. So, whatever you choose from the list below, it will be one of the best out there.

No more chitchat. Let’s get into it!

1. MailChimp For WordPress

Mailchimp wordpress email campaign

Number 1 is our most favorite Mailchimp For WordPress. That is right. It is your traditional email campaign partner since 2013. This buddy here will connect your site directly to the main Mailchimp server, the one that is the most popular email marketing service. Let’s see the advantages it brings:

  • Creates custom sign-up forms integrated into your WordPress site
  • Couples with other plugins such as form builders and e-commerce addons
  • Get fully detailed reports on campaign progress
  • Get automated notification each time a sign-up form is submitted

To smooth your WordPress email campaign, Mailchimp email marketing service must be installed alongside this plugin. After all, Mailchimp gives you 2000 subscribers and 12000 emails per month totally free. The paid services start from $10 to a custom number you may choose. For individuals with growing business or a foothold close to being top-rated, Mailchimp will help you a lot.

2. SendinBlue Subscribe Form and WP SMTP

SendinBlue Subscribe Form and WP SMTP

SendinBlue Subscribe Form and WP SMTP is another well-performing plugin which is the official built by SendinBlue email marketing service. This plugin here is very smart and has an outstanding interface. It will install on your dashboard and will give you a lot of customizing options on board. You can even call it a website inside a website for its interface. Let’s see the services it presents:

  • Build and embed custom subscription forms into post/pages
  • Create email templates with a toolbox similar to Elementor itself
  • Automated newsletter in separate segments
  • Real-time statistics observation for email activities such as number of clicks, opens, and spams

This plugin needs the official setup or you can say the installation of SendinBlue email marketing service. Both the plugin and the main setup is free for use. Unless you want the premium services, you need to pay nothing. Premium service comes with $25/month with 40K emails per month. There is more than 1 package including custom package. Naturally, if you are using this plugin, you won’t be willing to change into others. That’s how good WordPress email campaign services it offers.

3. Newsletter

Newsletter wordpress email campaign

Newsletter is the all-in-all email marketing plugin that is known for its easy to use interface. It is super-light and super-fast comparing to the top email marketing services. Once installed, it won’t consume your precious time by making unnecessary setups. It starts right up and manages your incoming/outgoing emails. There is no complicated setup needed. Let’s see what this cool WordPress email campaign plugin has to offer:

  • Collect emails through customized widget, page, or form
  • Create newsletters with an interface similar to Elementor
  • Listing option for segmenting different category of email recipients
  • Centralized status panel for a quick view on the campaign and settings

Newsletter is an independent plugin. Meaning that you don’t need a 3rd party integration for it to run. This plugin is also a free one. But the premium version of it is costlier than a regular WordPress email campaign plugin starting from $76.59 to $298.60. Indeed it is one of the best email marketing tools you can find in the market. And quality comes at a certain cost.

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4. Email Subscribers & Newsletters

Email Subscribers & Newsletters

Email Subscribers & Newsletters is one of the top-rated email campaign plugins that are both great and awesome at the same time. If you are looking for a full-featured plugin for your email marketing, this is it. This plugin has all the merits to present you with every possible email service on the market. And, it doesn’t require any 3rd party integration. Let’s observe the benefits:

  • Subscription boxes for collecting emails
  • Auto/manual email sending option
  • 24/7 subscription notification feature
  • Automated thanks response for incoming emails
  • Datalog for emails such as read/unread and sent/delivered with hit-rate

Email Subscribers & Newsletters WordPress email campaign plugin is a free tool. Users can use it as long as they like without any fees. Although it gives you so many facilities, the pro version of it comes at only $9/month. That’s a totally killer offer. This tool has an automated spam filter. So, you don’t have to trouble with bothersome emails. Grab it and get your email marketing to the next level.

5. MailPoet


MailPoet is a lightweight email marketing plugin that works great with WordPress. This plugin is one of the oldest ones and been on the market since 2011. With more than 100,000 active users, it is a top-rated plugin now. Let’s see how this awesome plugin operates:

  • Subscription form with multi-location embed option
  • Create emails with custom tools or various templates
  • Create multiple subscriber lists – send multiple categories of emails to separate recipients
  • Automated signup notification on new subscription

MailPoet is an independent WordPress email campaign tool. That means there are no 3rd party involvements. Also, it is a free tool to use. Like other similar plugins, it has a premium version. The free one supports up to 1000 subscribers per month and comes with WooCommerce features. The premium upgrade for statistical services comes at $99 and a full premium service at $13/month. Get this easy-to-use plugin now.

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6. Mailster

Mailster wordpress email campaign

Mailster can be considered above mediocre email marketing plugin among the ones so far. It provides service not less but not so similar compared to the top tier ones. It’s a premium only plugin with no trails or free versions. It comes with multi-platform integration which means it supports more than only WordPress. Let’s get into the detailed services:

  • Create emails using built-in templates and drag-drop feature
  • Customized and automated email receive/sent system based on specific trigger setup
  • Manage and separate emails within the WordPress dashboard
  • Detailed information on emails and subscribers with a centralized setup

Mailster is an independent WordPress email campaign tool that doesn’t need any 3rd party integration. It has the caliber to compete market toppers with almost similar features available. Though it will cost you $59 for a single site license, it worth every bucks. Mailster amazingly integrates with WordPress to its fullest and brings out tonnes of features along with it. Use it to get the full blast of experience.

7. HubSpot All-In-One Marketing

HubSpot All-In-One Marketing

HubSpot All-In-One Marketing is a freemium email marketing plugin, known as both reliable and packed with features. This is the best tool for individuals that are still in the beginning phase. With this tool, you can create a complete professional email marketing system on your own. It’s seemingly lightweight and fast compared to regular ones of course. Let’s see what it has to offer:

  • Create emails from scratch using drag-drop tools and numerous templates
  • Records user behaviors with smart AI and responds to action accordingly
  • Lists of user activity, email reach, and openings, conversion ratio, links, and attachments- all in segmented spread-sheets
  • Optimize emails with A/B tests

HubSpot All-In-One Marketing plugin requires simple installation procedure. The plugin is independent and integrates with WordPress without any additional settings. The free version provides up to 2000 emails per month where the premium version does a lot more. The pricing goes from $50 to a stunning $3,200 based on business level. It is a universal tool and suitable for any kinds of websites. So, feel free to use this awesome WordPress email campaign plugin on your website.


Email marketing has always been a good call in action for a business to grow faster. The right tools for the right situations boost businesses like a rocket. So, make sure to fully grasp the operation of these top tier WordPress email campaign plugins for your business to bloom.

This blog is brought to you by Element Pack, the all-in-one Elementor widget pack in the world. Drop by any suggestion or inquiry in the comment box below.
Thank you for reading this blog. Stay safe.

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