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Top 20 Elementor essential addons you need to have on your website in 2021

Elementor page builder is one of the most popular tool for making a webpage around the world. After WordPress introduced Elementor, all developers around the world smiled with excitement. Now, we don’t need codes. Instead, we have Elementor essential addons to create a webpage.

That’s right! With Elementor, anybody can design a webpage. Currently, it’s giving out many essential addons for free and premium. Many companies collaborate with Elementor with their self-designed addons. Likewise, Element Pack is one of the best freemium addons for elementor. 

We have more than 20,000 happy customers currently using our addons on their websites. Of course, quality speaks for itself, and I’m not boasting about it. 

There are over 190 widgets developed by Element Pack, including 41 free widgets. However, in this blog, I will talk about the 20 most essential Elementor addons.

Generally speaking, these addons play a large role while designing a webpage. You can say these are crucial addons. Most likely, you will find them very useful anyway.

Let’s get started!

Top 20 Elementor essential addons you need to have on your website

  • Advanced Google Map
  • Advanced Icon box
  • Call out
  • Custom carousel
  • Circle menu
  • Advanced divider
  • Countdown
  • Dark mode
  • Advanced counter
  • Dual Button
  • Accordion
  • Flip box
  • Featured box
  • Advanced Heading
  • Icon Nav
  • Advanced Button
  • Mailchimp
  • WC Slider
  • Social Share
  • Trailer Box

Top 20 Elementor essential addons you need to have on your website

Before we start, remember that these addons are the ones that are mostly used. However, if you want to know about all of the addons Element Pack has to offer, visit them here.

Advanced Google Map

Advanced google map Elementor essential addons

The Google map is one of the most used tools on the internet. If you are running a shop or business in the main town, you obviously want people to come to find you easily. For those cases, we present one of the best Elementor essential addons, the Advanced Google Map. For your comfort, we added the option to put hundreds of skins for the map.

Additionally, the advanced map supports JSON code, or you can say ‘Skin Code’. Make sure to visit SnazzyMaps to get hundreds of these skins for free!


Advanced Icon box

Advanced icon box

If you are looking for how to create a perfect info box with icons, then this addon is for you. Advanced Icon Box not only gives you a field to put your icons in the display but also gives your page a premium look. It presents limitless customising possibilities, all within one. That is why it is one of the best Elementor essential addons.


Call out

call out Elementor essential addons

Most of the time, many of your visitors leave your sites without making any purchase. So, to fuel their urges, you need a call out button. What this do is, it helps the visitors make a decision. Either purchase or lose the benefits. Needless to say, we have this amazing addon for you to build a stunning, unique, and efficient call out buttons. So, it’s easily became one of the top elementor essential addons.


Custom carousel

custom carousel

Custom carousel is a very useful tool for creating slideshows on your website. Whenever you need to add slideshow images, videos, branding logos, partners, featured images, etc. custom carousel is there for you. What is more surprising, we have developed it to generate hundreds of different styles. So, you can easily create your slideshow with is one of a kind elementor essential addons.


Circle menu

circle menu

Do you want to minimize your menu bar? Wondering how you can do it? Well, no need to panic. We have made the Circle Menu addons for this occasion. Generally speaking, you can compress a regular-sized menu bar into small circles with all functions intact! Isn’t that great! Hence, it is one of the most useful elementor essential addons.

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                                                       Advanced divider

advanced divider Elementor essential addons

A divider is an essential tool that is commonly used in webpages. Not just in webpages but also it’s used in blogs, newspapers, shops, and more. The cool thing about it is, it gives readers space to sum up his thoughts on a topic. To ensure the best quality, we have come up with a new design. And, that is Advanced divider. Hence, it is one of the best elementor essential addons you must have.

One more thing, the Advanced divider has over 20 different styles. However, it has the option to insert any design you want manually. What is more fun than this?




Generally, people use Countdown to show limited timed offers, products, services, and events. However, you have to understand that, every countdown addon on the market can not compete with the one we provide. Moreover, our product has limitless style possibilities that every seasoned webpage builder seeks. As a fact, although it’s a common tool, it’s one of the best elementor essential addons.

Generally speaking, the background in the image above is not from the widget itself. Instead, you need to add background from the section layout and use the opacity option on the widget.

Dark mode

Dark mode

Dark mode is a switching tool for instant color composition changing. With it, you can easily switch between normal light color and deep dark color. It is in fact an exclusive product from Element Pack. Moreover, it’s very much compatible with any theme as it has auto-adjustment system. Pretty handy as one of the best elementor essential addons.

Note that, the widget does appear as a double coloured partition like the image above.


Advanced counter

Advanced counter elementor essential addons

The counter is one of the most used elementor essential addons. It is commonly used to count the number of visitors, number of product sold, reviews, etc. But unlike the plain and old addons, we tried to spice things a bit more. We made improvements and improvements. Finally, we made the Advanced counter addon. With this tool in hand, you can get a long list of new features along with the traditional counter. Amazing right?


Dual Button

Dual button

Coming up with another commonly used addon in webpages. The Dual button is a useful addon for featuring optional double content. Regardless of how you use it, this addon has a stunning customizing menu. Not only you can colour it any way you like, but also you can add custom backgrounds. When it comes to features, this is one of the best elementor essential addons.

Moreover, the examples in the image are only a small part of its usage. Make sure to study the Dual button widget properly to get its functions adequately.




If you want to put many and many images and information together, we can help you with that. Introducing Accordion addon. It provides you with enough space to put multiple objects and information inside. Also, it can minimize itself into a tiny title bar. This stunning elementor essential addons is just for your comfort. Enjoy!

Now, remember that you can also put Elementor templates or AE templates inside the Accordion. But, you need to add the templates to your dashboard first.


Flip box

Flip Box elementor essential addon

Now it’s time to introduce Flip box, one of the most popular addons. Flip box is still exclusive among the tonnes of addons and still pretty new to the people. Still, it’s gaining popularity rapidly. As for why, because this little tool flips as soon as your hover over it. It’s a fun tool that catches the attention of the visitors real quick. As a fact, it is one of the stunning elementor essential addons.

This addon has a variety of uses. You can make it into information boxes, promo boxes, call-out boxes, and more. Furthermore, you can stretch it into a full-width box also. It is a pretty fun tool to work with.


Featured box

Featured Box

The Featured box is a handy tool to showcase events in a large banner. If you want to make an inspirational showcase, then this addon is for you. It has a very easy to use the customizing menu. So, all you have to do is drag and drop it into your webpage, and it’s done. Use this one of a kind elementor essential addons for your events now.

In most cases, this addon is used to hold up charity events and donation boxes. Then again, how you use this addon is your matter.

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                                                       Advanced Heading

Advanced heading elementor essential addons

A heading is not just words. It is the essence and the most crucial thing for a content. A beautiful heading secures good traffic where a wrong heading kills the page ranking. As a fact, properly styling your heading is very important. That’s why we made Advanced Heading, a brand new idea for creating a stunning heading for your website. No wonder, it is one of the most used elementor essential addons.

Remember, the image above shows only a little example of this addon. To know its full functionality, you need to visit the demo page. Have fun!

Icon Nav

Icon navigation

If you are thinking of changing the menu bar position on your website, we can introduce you to an excellent tool. The Icon Nav is a navigation menu bar that works like any other menu bars. But, the most significant difference is, it is a side-mounted menu bar. This style of the menu bar is now popular, and you can see it on websites more often. It is indeed one of the most essential elementor addons on the market.

Advanced Button

Advanced Button

Next is the Advanced Button that is the result of the concept of changing the traditional Button addon for elementor. A button is a mostly used tool on websites for many purposes. You can use it for subscription, buying-selling, booking, etc. As for the Advanced Button addon, we made it simpler and added more customizing options to it. As a result, you have a stunning new concept of the button addon in your grasp.

Just like the Button addon from elementor, it has all the working functionalities. It has a brilliant menu bar for customization. In case you want something unique, you can make it with this addon.


Mailchimp elementor essential addons

We know how important mail addresses are for a blogger. On your website, you need your visitors to leave their mail addresses to you for further business. To make this matter simple, Mailchimp offers the best services in the whole market. Not only it stores 2000 mails without subscription, but also it comes with various styles to choose from. It is one of the most convenient essential addons for elementor.

Note that, to obtain the full functionality of this addon, you need to subscribe for the premium version. No need to worry because it’s cheap enough!

WC Slider

WC slider

WC slider or WooCommerce slider is an addon built for WooCommerce compatibility. It is a good tool to showcase your WooCommerce products easily on your page. From the customizing menu, you can actually create a full width product banner or even a small product slider. Both ways, it is an amazing addon among the best essential addons for elementor.

Social Share

Social share elementor essential addons

It is one of our favorite addons for elementor. If you have a beautiful website, you obviously want your visitors to share it on their social sites. Of course, it increases the traffic by a large margin. That’s why Social share addon is there for you. Just place it inside your website and let your visitors use it freely. It is indeed one of the best elementor essential addons.

Trailer Box

Trailer box

Lastly, for you to make your products more appealing, we made the Trailer box. This awesome addon helps you to put your products on sale with a beautiful outlook. Moreover, the shading, coloring, and matched background will attract visitors like flies on a lamp. It is a handy addon with lots of customizing options. One can only make things as far as his imagination goes with this tool. And, that is why it is one of the most used elementor essential addons.

That is all. We hope you have benefitted from this blog. Stay with us for more amazing blogs like this.

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Thanks for reading this blog. Stay safe.

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