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Best real estate themes for WordPress & Elementor plugin

If you are a real estate agent, then you must be looking for a perfect real estate elementor theme for your site. Today, we will show you the best themes and elementor templates for real estate agents.

A home is not just a term. It is the name of an emotion, peace, and tranquility for a person. We all have a particular place that we call home. We feel safe inside, improve our mode, and vitality. These are the reason we spend so much time, money, and energy to secure real estate. But, finding the right home at the right place is a hard task. Factors like location, environment, social affairs become very important when choosing a home.

Real estate agents help people get their homes in their favorite locations. They can improve people’s life by getting them what they desire. That’s why a real estate agent needs a solid presence on the internet. They need a good website that provides all the necessary information a person needs. In this blog, we will help the real estate agents to find the best real estate elementor theme for their website.

Let’s begin!

1. Builder

real estate elementor theme

Builder is a multi-page theme for real estate agents. It has unlimited color options meaning that you can make an unlimited amount of templates with just one theme. There are separate pages for displaying its distinct features and prices.

‘Best for Construction Companies’

We like this theme for its amazing popup design on the landing page. It has more than 20 pages all over. Each one has a unique page setup. It has more than 600 google fonts inserted inside. Also, you can see the parallax sections and revolution sliders on the pages. And that is why we recommend it as a top Real estate elementor theme.

2. House

real-estate theme

House is a stunning theme made by Zemez, ideal for construction companies. It has a very bright, eye-catching visual effect. Generally speaking, there are many animation styles inserted inside. You will find text animations, scroll and counter animations on the theme. All these features make this theme more attractive to visitors.

‘Best for Construction Companies’

What we like to talk about this theme is, it is a both stylish and minimalist theme. This theme has a lightning-fast loading speed. It has enough features to create elementor templates for real estate agents. So, we made this real estate elementor theme as one of our favorites.

3. Estate


Estate is a real estate agency theme for advertising affordable real estate properties in the suburban area. It’s built with a minimalist outlook. Although it is decorated with simple yet high definition graphics, this theme gives a pleasant look to the visitors.

‘Best for real estate agents’

Real estate agents want their clients as calm as possible. To do that, they need to present a good vibe with their website. The good news is, Estate theme is filled with calm and vibrant outlooks. As an HTML template, it fits in any device without distortion. That’s why we choose it as a top-grade Real estate elementor theme.

4. Trowel

real estate elementor theme

Trowel is a real estate construction theme for luxury suits. People who don’t want premade houses, always seek the best construction company for their dream house. Whenever they search for those companies, they always want to see portfolios. To satisfy these customers, real estate agents can choose this theme. Not only you can build beautiful portfolios, but also you can show high definition images. That’s why Trowel is one of the best Real estate elementor themes.

‘Best for Construction Companies’

Generally speaking, we loved this theme because of its cool animations. It has used various kinds of sliders and image animations. It’s pretty good for creating elementor templates for real estate agents.

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5. Real Estate

real-estate theme

Real Estate is a perfect theme for premade real estate agents. It has an elegant UI that will promote and showcase your house beautifully. It comes with more than 50 retina-ready elementor templates for real estate agents. With a team with over fifteen years of experience, this theme has been developed to its finest.

‘Best for real estate advertisements’

The best thing about it is, it’s swift and very much mobile responsive. So, visitors can access the site with their mobile phones easily. Furthermore, it gives free updates every time. That’s why once you install this real estate theme on your website, you don’t have to worry about updates anymore. We have placed it as an excellent elementor template maker for real estate agents.

6. Bellaina


Bellaina is modern, fresh out of the box theme for creating beautiful elementor templates for real estate agents. The theme has sliders and advanced CSS animation for the landing page. Therefore, visitors can view their collections and select houses easily. The colour contrast in this theme is suitable for refreshing one’s mind. After all, it’s the best theme for showcasing luxury ready-made suits and apartments.

‘Best for real estate agents’

We recommend it because we have found some brilliant aspects of it. It can hold bigger HD images and thumbnails. With a perfect image optimization, you can put the maximum number of images the site can hold without worries. Bellaina is a fast and responsive theme. We loved it as a good Real estate elementor theme.

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7. Realcity

real estate elementor theme

Realcity is another top-class Real estate elementor theme for real estate agents. It is a beautiful vintage theme for showing countryside estates. Moreover, the layout gives a vibrant outlook to visitors. The densely packed information on the theme doesn’t reduce its beauty a bit. This is a perfect theme for representing bungalow-style houses with wide bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens etc.

‘Best for country-side real estate agents’

What we love about this theme is, it has a very natural colour combination. High-resolution images and vibrant green background colour makes it more attractive to the visitors. If you use this Real estate elementor theme for your website, it will very likely bring tonnes of customers. We recommend this theme for beautiful elementor templates for real estate agents.

8. Appartamo


Appartamo is a single-page template for real estate advertisements. The landing page provides a colorful design with an information window and sliders for estate samples. Visitors would like to see details and images about the houses whenever they visit a real estate site. The best thing about this theme is, it has a smart grid for showing houses in various angles. Also, you can design different elementor templates for real estate agents with it.

‘Best for luxurious real estate’

Although, this theme doesn’t provide additional pages, you can add them anyway. Also, it has custom category option. Therefore, you just need to insert your data and it will automatically short them out. We recommend Appartamo as a top Real estate elementor theme.

9. Agenta

real estate elementor theme

If you are looking for a theme for your urban real estate business then let me introduce you to Agenta. This is the best modern real estate elementor theme you can find on the internet. Just based on the first look, you can clearly sense an appealing pull into the website. This stunning design also comes with an option on the landing page. This option lets you search your desired home.

‘Best for luxurious real estate’

People love to see telescopic images. This theme makes the perfect use of a telescopic image with a revolutionary slider. The best thing about it is, it doesn’t take much time to load and has featured estate option. Use Agenta to create you own elementor templates for real estate agents. This is the best Real estate elementor theme for starters.

10. Graha


Graha is an all-rounder Real estate elementor theme for buying and selling real estates. It is a very user-friendly theme with efficient design.

People like to research lands and locations to build their dream home. With Graha’s integrated full-width google map, you can easily find selling properties and houses at your area. Plus, you can set location and house type, bedroom numbers and price from the estate option. These options allow visitors to browse and compare house locations freely. That is why it is a good theme for making elementor templates for real estate agents.

‘Best for real estate agencies’

This theme supports major plugins like dsIDXpress that generates leads automatically. Moreover, it is mobile responsive and has a fast loading speed. This minimal theme covers every application of a real estate website needs. Feel free to use Graha Real estate elementor theme for your website.


Real estate websites are places that build dreams for people. Those who build houses need to put a solid base on the houses. Likewise, your website also needs reliable support for steady growth. That is the reason why we wrote this blog to help you choose the right foundation for your website.

This blog is sponsored by Element Pack, the one-in-all widget pack for Elementor.
Thank you for reading this blog. Have a good day.

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