How to Use Iframe Widget in Elementor by Element Pack

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How to Use Iframe Widget in Elementor by Element Pack

To show other websites on your websites, the iframe is a great tool that can give you support.

How to insert Iframe on your site?

Just open up your Elementor Dashboard and type on the search bar ‘Iframe’ or scroll down to find ‘Iframe widget’. Drag it to your desired column or location. Congrats! You’ve inserted it successfully.

Note: To enable Iframe, you’ve to make sure whatever URL you’re using to show Iframe will be SSL Certified Link. Most importantly, you should paste the SSL Certified Link in the Content Source field.

How to put the domain I want?

Step 1: Click on the Content tab and the layout panel will appear.
Step 2: Find the content source and type your required domain name.
Step 3: The website should be displayed on the iframe on the Iframe.
Step 4: Click on the update button of the Elementor dashboard button.

Other functions like – lazyload & additional settings:

You can set the lazy load on your Iframe. The time interval is based on milliseconds.
You can on/off the lazyloads by clicking the radio button.

Additional settings

Additional options have 3 options.

  • Allow full screen.
  • Show scroll bar &
  • Sandbox.

Allow full screen: If you put youtube video there, you can set the fullscreen options on/off.
Show scroll bar: INdicated on the photos above – you can show or hide the scroll bar from these tabs settings.

Advanced settings

Border,border-radius, border color, box shadows settings options give you the freedom to style more the Iframe.
Also, you can add a motion effect from this tab.

Our video tutorial on how to do it:

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