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Top 10 WordPress WooCommerce Themes compatible with Elementor plugin

Speed, flexibility, compatibility – These 3 things are critical key points when choosing a WordPress WooCommerce theme. While there are a whole lot of themes on the market, the best compatibility is hard to find. Today, I’ll list top 10 WordPress WooCommerce themes for creating a lightning-fast, beautiful, and well-optimized WooCommerce websites.

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While we are at it, let me add some more information. Not only these themes support WooCommerce perfectly, but they are also highly image optimized. As a fact, the net load for all of your images is cut by a huge margin.

Enough said! Let’s get started!

Key Points – What Makes the Best WordPress WooCommerce Theme

When addressing something with ‘Best’, naturally we want to see something special and unique about it. In terms of choosing a WordPress WooCommerce theme, we need to compare them and make a standard selection of key features. Having these key features is what makes a theme best.

Key Features of the Best WordPress WooCommerce Theme:

  1. Incredibly Fast Loading Speed.
  2. Best User Experience Assurance
  3. Flexible Customization Modules
  4. Optimized for Performance
  5. High WooCommerce Adaptation
    • Checkout features
    • Trust badges
    • Optimized shopping carts
    • Category filters
    • Product preview feature
    • Sales coupons and badges

10 WordPress WooCommerce Themes compatible with Elementor

1. Rooten – One of The Best WooCommerce WordPress themes

Top 10 WordPress WooCommerce Themes compatible with Elementor

If you are looking for the best, Rooten theme is the fastest, lightest, and flexible theme to design your WooCommerce store. Rooten theme has a well-developed base. It provides a good number of WooCommerce integrated widgets. Also, it comes with Element Pack ready to deploy templates and demos.

Features of Rooten Theme:

  • Lighter and faster
  • Unique style & Handcraft design
  • SEO friendly with optimized codes
  • WooCommerce built-ready
  • Highly customizable with a variety of templates
  • Zero junk cache when finalizing

More than anything, Rooten theme has the simplest appearance. Hence, it reduces site-weight by smart CSS coding and advanced image optimization. Moreover, you can directly link your WooCommerce payment features to it. Read more about this efficient WordPress WooCommerce Theme here.

2. BulkShop

Bulkshop is one of the best themes

BulkShop is a popular theme known for its two features, light-weight, and image optimization.

This theme concentrates fully on WooCommerce adaptation. Moreover, it provides a huge range of customer supports to create and maintain a WooCommerce store. Hence, it is one of the lead WordPress WooCommerce themes on the market.

Besides the main features, it provides:

  • Floating menu
  • Extensive documentation
  • WooCommerce widget supports

BulkShop has a number of demo pages you can easily deploy to your website. Also, it comes with a quick-import button.

With the free version of it, you can get 2 demos. If you buy the pro version at $49, you will get more than 10 demos. Try it now.

3. OceanWP

OceanWP Theme is one of the best themes for Elementor.

OceanWP is a swift, easy-to-use theme for WordPress. With a lightning-fast loading speed and pixel-perfect graphics, this theme has been in the top list.

OceanWP has a magnificent WooCommerce integration system. It doesn’t only give WooCommerce plugins support, but also custom widgets that perfectly fits the situation.

With a number of 2300000+ active installations, this theme has caught a lot of public interest. That’s why it is a great WordPress WooCommerce theme.

Features of OceanWP:

  • Best SEO support
  • Very high-speed page load
  • Supports RTL languages and translations
  • Ready to deploy WooCommerce facilities

OceanWP works pretty well with websites like eCommerce, online stores and marketplaces, Business sites, and more. Additionally, it presents a stylish outlook and lots of demo sites for you. Visit OceanWP here.

4. Jupiter X – One of The Best WooCommerce WordPress themes

Jupiter X is a top 10 WordPress WooCommerce Themes compatible with Elementor

Jupiter X is a modern multipurpose theme built for its strong integration and compatibility with WooCommerce.

It’s a heavy-built theme with retina-ready graphics. However, the site loading speed is not that high like Rooten or OceanWP. But it’s enough to empower a heavy-duty WordPress WooCommerce site.

Moreover, it has a vast library of over 300 ready to deploy templates and 50+ demo sites. It also provides its own developed WooCommerce ready widgets that you can work into your store.

With 130000+ active installations, the pro version only costs $59. Buy now and get all the demo sites free.

5. Woostify

Woostify is a top 10 WordPress Theme compatible with Elementor

Woostify is a lightweight theme that mainly focused on WooCommerce. With a 97% score on both GTMetrix, Google Page Speed, this theme is a racer on the top list.

It has more than enough demo sites and ready templates in its library. Even after that, it has brought smart WooCommerce features for easy integration.

Features Woostify presents:

  • Distraction-free checkout
  • Deep customization menu for shop
  • Multiple product layouts
  • Multivendor and ajax cart system

It has a $39 pro version which is a good spend. Feel free to visit Woostify now.

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6. Shoptimizer

Jupiter X is a top 10 WordPress WooCommerce Themes compatible with Elementor



This is another fast theme that is 100% focused on WordPress WooCommerce. It’s a theme that bases on compassion for all those who want to make their ECommerce sites.

Although it has a light-build, Shotimizer has a brilliant coding behind its infrastructure. Hence, it has an optimized database for boosting sales.

It has a smart on-page SEO tool within its system, preventing you from adding excess load on the page. Most widgets used on this theme are solely focused on WooCommerce.

With a 97% score on GTMetrix and AA on accessibility score, Shoptimizer comes cheap for a $49 package. Buy now and start your shop.

7. Astra – One of The Best WooCommerce WordPress themes

Astra is a top 10 WordPress Theme

Astra is an user-friendly mobile responsive theme. It’s lightweight, fast, and has high compatibility with both Elementor and WooCommerce.

It comes with a variety of demo sites, mostly containing WooCommerce features. Moreover, it has custom-built WooCommerce widget solutions.

For better user experience, it has integrated some advanced features. As a result, drop-down carts, sales bubbles, infinite product scroll are made available to the users.

Astra offers its main theme as a free source for users across the world. Also, you can get the pro version of it at $59. Get this WordPress WooCommerce compatible theme right now.

8. Phlox

Phlox is a top 10 Theme compatible with Elementor

Phlox is a great theme that focuses on quality graphics for its users. It has advanced image optimization that cuts the site-weight in half.

It’s a good theme that has WordPress WooCommerce compatibility. However, it is a multipurpose theme. But it has more than enough widgets and tools for creating a good WooCommerce store.

It offers features like:

  • Advanced shopping cart
  • Quick view product menu
  • Cart notifications
  • Hover checkout menu

Phlox is available as a free theme at WordPress. It has a pro version that costs $39. The pro version comes with a lot of demo sites and templates. Buy now.


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9. Metro – One of The Best WooCommerce WordPress themes

Metro is a top 10 WooCommerce Theme compatible with Elementor

Metro is a retro theme that focuses on modern style WooCommerce store. It is a great WordPress WooCommerce theme with 100% WooCommerce compatibility.

It is a lightweight theme. Even though it has pixel-perfect graphics, it has smart image optimization that reduces weight. It is fast and easy to use.

For a more satisfying user experience, it has made a lot of work in its database. What you can get from Metro is a free custom widget support for WooCommerce store.

Metro is a free theme. You can get 4+ free demo sites without registration here. It has a pro version at $99. A little bit costly but has a lot of potentials. Have a look.

10. XStore

Xstore is one of the best themes

Last but not least, XStore is a giant in WooCommerce site creating industry. It has an optimum WooCommerce compatibility and mainly focused in it.

This theme is one of the bests because it offers best support for your store. With 10+ widgets and 10+ premium demos, it has made into the top rankings.

For a lightweight and fast theme like this, one can only feel the power it presents. Moreover, it has an A(100%) score on GTMetrix, making it more suitable in the market.

For starter sites, anyone can enjoy the benefit of its free version. For more refined experience and services, get the pro version at $39 only. Visit now to grab this awesome WordPress WooCommerce compatible theme.


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