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Best slider for elementor has been revealed : Prime slider pro

Sliders are something that will help you boost the performance of the elementor page builder. The prime slider is the best slider for elementor which you can use building your website. Prime slider comes with slider widgets that carry unique features, looks, and feel.

In fact, there is no other particular slider on the market that has both the header section and hero section slider. Prime Slider can give you  what others can’t. And the best part is you can modify and customize the text and other options because of its dynamic dashboard

General Widget

This is the base of all widgets in Prime Slider. As a first generation slider, The general slider comes with some unique features. We focused on the visitor’s needs. Make them comfortable with the more organized content.

Here are the main features :

  • Header area
    • Set text logo
    • set button
  • Hero section
    •  Social media button
    • Title and subtitle
    • Button
    • Text area
  • Navigation
    • Scroll button
    • Arrow button
    • Dot button

All the content and media files are dynamic. Anyone can easily change the style from the Elementor dashboard without coding skills.

Same as general slider, meteor slider also consist of unique features.
The layout is different and the navigation placement is different. You can add your text or media files as well.
Dot navigation placement on the right side and the social media icons on the bottom right corner give it more advanced and modern looks.

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Simplicity gives crelly slider awesome looks.
social share buttons, slider number, and navigation with heading and subheading are the key features.

To focus your key slogan, slide general slider is the exactly awesome slider for your website.
Mainly its background color shapes make this slider an awesome extra feature that can add more values to your content.

Feature your product or services – Isolate slider is a perfect choice. Add your related media files with heading and call to action button can increase your conversion rate.
This slider’s minimal design concept can move your website looks and feel.

Another clean slider with a trendy design style.
With a background box to highlight the media files to focus more.


Key feature :

  • Navigation
  • Scroll button
  • Slide number
  • Also the header section with the common features.
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Very unique design with new ideas to feature your service or product or tag line.

Three different part background color gives this slider a more dynamic way to design the hero section with Prime slider.

The navigation design and slider number design is trendy.

Sometimes – you need your blog post to show on the hero section to increase your visitors to make more engaging.
Blog slider is a great way to show blog posts on your hero section.
Other basic settings are also here.

Simple slider with the post title, and the author photo.
This is way minimal design with a simple effect.

Simple slider with the post title, and the author photo.
This is way minimal design with a simple effect.

Blog post slider with a post thumbnail, post title and excerpt options with navigation and other basic prime sliders – we named it zinest slider.

The perfect slider for showcasing blogs, videos, posts, etc with a underlying miniature scroll screen. Flogia has a lot of room for adding up to 12 posts (12 dot tracker, 4 in preview mode) on the screen.

It is a full-width slider that fits everywhere.

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It’s time for some good quality uni-colored slider for your website. Presenting the Custom Slider skin for our Prime Slider. It’s simple, gorgeous, and very responsive. 

The slider comes with simple layout, just the image and a title. It’s unique in it’s own way. 

A premium and fantastic slider that comes with a dedicated event calendar. 

Websites upholding events can use this slider to fast-build their homepage easily and efficiently. The design is minimal and very eye-catching at the same time.

It is a full-width one-page delivery slider for WordPress. It’s a new, exclusive implementation from our developers. 

Simply, scroll your mouse to change between the posts/images. Best for one-page product displays.

One of the heavy-duty slider specially made for blog posts, image gallery, and magazine portals. Beautiful and elegant slider with retina-ready graphics. 

Key features of Fluent slider:

  • Side-mounted overlay navigation 
  • Social icons
  • Stylish arrow-heads
  • Full-width display panel

Dragon slider offers a very strong appearance with hotshot graphics. The design it self is simple yet packs a lot of punch.

The slider is perfect for advertisements of beauty products, cosmetics, and fashion. It’s unique look helps viewers to focus more on the content. One of the best slider within our inventory.

Selling products using WooCommerce? Grab this awesome WooCommerce slider and display your products easily and efficiently. 

It’s a lightweight slider, focused on a overview product display and social share option. Best for online product shops.

It’s another skin for WooCommerce slider. It’s more minimalist, more lightweight, and built for fast information delivery. 

Simple and sturdy slider that can display products on full-scale display.

prime slider feature

We’ve discussed the examples here. You can check out the demos also on Prime slider’s official site.

Let’s have a conclusion about the feature. The above photos are the dashboard of prime sliders.

Features :

  • Layout
  • Header
  • Sticky
  • Sliders
  • Social Icons
  • Scroll Down
  • Animation

Those cool tools can make your site more interactive.

New Slider Widgets Every Month!

Prime Slider is growing day by day due to the affections you have shown us. To make web design more comfortable for you, we will be bringing new elements to prime slider every month. Each of them will be unique and flashy.

Get in touch and get some fun with Prime Slider.

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