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12 Best Email capture tools for WordPress – [Element Pack Exclusive]

Operating the best email capture tools for WordPress is one of the most important things you should do to your website.

Email, in a sense, is the fuel of your ever-growing business. A successful businessman does not leave his previous clients behind. Every step in business needs to form by connecting thousands of people.

That’s why your website needs a powerful email capture tool aka lead generation tool to collect emails from your visitors in a more respectful way. You can’t force people to get connected to you. A gentle approach with a catchy style may snatch their interest.

In this blog, I will discuss the 12 best email capture tools among hundreds available on the internet. Not only these tools are great, but also they are very easy to work with.

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WordPress is full of mysteries. The more you learn, the more incredible things you can do with it. For your sake, we built this blog.

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1. Optin Monster

OptinMonster Email capture tools for WordPress

When it comes to collecting and managing emails, there’s literary none as effective as the Optin Monster.

This is a tool that excels in a variety of ways. Tasks like email capturing, offer campaign, FOMO notifications, are handled easily by this single tool. You can say that it’s a full-length email marketing manager and your best personal email assistant.

This amazing box of surprise costs only $9 to $49 a month. Considering all it does, it’s a very cheap price to pay. Click here to visit Optin Monster.

2. Sumo


Sumo is your next level email capture and management tool. It is fast and solely built for capturing bulk emails on regular basis.

Sumo is an efficient tool when it comes to working as an email magnet. The study states that using the Sumo email capture tool for WordPress and Shopify, your website may face a revenue boost of about 10%-15% per year. This percentage indicates the gross overall profit. Amazing, right?

This tool will cost you about $49 on monthly subscription and $39/month for a 12 month package. Grab it here.

3. Pippity

Pippity Email capture tools for WordPress

Pippity is an underrated, one of the lightest email capturing tool for WordPress.

It excels in offers and call-to-action email capture methods. The interface is very easy to handle. Additionally, you will get something extra on customization. Create popups that actually convert people towards your business.

Pippity costs from $49 to $127 per year for 1 site to unlimited sites. See the details here.

4. Thrive Leads

Thrive leads

Thrive Leads is a subsidiary function of Thrive themes. It is one of the easiest yet applicable tools to build your own email capture system.

Generally, the goal of this platform is to provide the option to generate leads for your business. Having thoughts like that, they made the best email capture tool for WordPress users. Now, you can design more than 12 unique calls to action popups, offers, sequences, all in one place.

Thrive Leads comes in pair with Quiz Builder and costs only $19/month. This is the best bargain so far, provided limited features compared to Optin Monster.

5. Convert Pro

Convert pro Email capture tools for WordPress

Do you know that most people don’t know about Convert Pro? Sad but this indeed is one of the legendary tools for capturing emails on WordPress.

Convert Pro has almost the same interface as Elementor itself. The main selling point is it’s a superior customizable interface. You can build any type or form of a call to action boxes as long as want. Become the king of customization with ease.

This tool costs higher than any other you have seen so far. For a single license, it charges $79/year to $399/lifetime. Best for developers who like to build things using premium tools.

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6. MailChimp


Now, who doesn’t know about Mailchimp? It is the most used platform for running email campaigns worldwide. Why? Because of its user-friendly interface, people new/old didn’t have to trouble to configure it.

It’s 2020 and Mailchimp has been improved. So, now you have hundreds of templates, variations, even custom built option for your call-to-action messages. Great isn’t it?

Mailchimp is free as it always was. So, feel free to take advantage of it on your websites. Click here to visit.

7. WP Subscribe

WP subscribe Email capture tools for WordPress

If you are looking for a fast, reliable, as well as a free tool for capturing emails, there probably none suitable than WP Subscribe.

It’s one of the hidden gems for running an email campaign and build your mail list without much trouble. It is the only tool that directly integrates with Mailchimp, FeedBurner, etc. It free, responsive, and customizable with CSS codes.

8. Bloom


Bloom is one of the most popular email capture tools for WordPress. It was made by Elegant themes including a large inventory of templates.

Known for premium looks and designs, Bloom is made to fully utilize creative appearance, ensuring maximum attention from visitors. That’s why the company is confident in boosting your sites’ conversion rate by 300%. Now, this is what you have been looking for.

Bloom comes with a theme package and costs $89 to $249 for a yearly subscription and lifetime license. Compared to Optin Monster or Sumo, it’s very cheap. Click here to get it.

9. Ninja Popups

Ninja popups Email capture tools for WordPress

Ninja Popups is like a short version of Convert Pro. It’s one of the few aftermarket email capture tools for WordPress that works pretty well.

Ninja Popups is very easy to use. Simply drag and drop blocks and forge templates on your own. Use it anyhow you want. It’s that easy!

The tool is compatible with Mailchimp and similar platforms. It only costs $27 per year on a regular license. Click here for details.

10. WP Forms

WP forms

Below the list but ranked much high, WP Forms is one of the most popular lead generators for WordPress. This tool is one of the earliest ones and been on improvement over the course of time.

It is a multi-purpose email capture tool that simultaneously plays a vital role in managing emails, architecture leads, fully customizable interface, and solid web security. In short, it’s an all-in-one tool.

WP Forms will cost you from $39.5 to $299.5 per year. It’s a good tool at a reasonable price. So, be sure to check it here.

11. LiveChat

Live chat Email capture tools for WordPress

Engaging visitors into writing replies in live chat is another email capturing strategy. Using LiveChat, simply let your visitors chat with you only after submitting their emails. This is a very simple approach to fetch emails without much trouble. People like to talk and most certainly a huge number will join your chatbox.

LiveChat costs $16 to $50 per month for single agent. Check it out here.

12. Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms

The Formidable Forms is not just a simple form tool but also a multi-purpose tool to create email capturing forms.

Formidable Forms is popular for generating B2B lead generation. It offers flexibility while creating your own email campaigns. With a drag and drop interface, it’s more fun to design creative layouts.

The pricing goes from $99.38 to $399.53 per year, considerably more expensive than others. Click here to visit.


That’s it. Hope you get the gist of what we wanted to deliver to you. Make sure to get the best out of the email capture tool and boost your business.

This blog is brought to you by Element Pack, the all-in-one widget solution for Elementor.

Thanks for reading.

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