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Top Essential Element Pack Addons for Elementor Your site Needs [update-21]

Today, Elementor is the fastest way to create and develop a webpage. Using essential addons instead of messy codes is now a trend. More than a thousand companies are producing these addons for Elementor. Among them, we present Element Pack, a leading brand in the top 5 positions worldwide. They have been making stunning, fresh-out-of-the-box addons for Elementor. Web developers find essential Element Pack addons very flexible and user-friendly. Indeed, they have been on peoples’ positive sight.

Now, the good news is, it updates its database every week. Each update brings new addons and stabilizes old ones. Moreover, you will get 1800+ ready blocks and 270+ ready pages as well as 190+ widgets with the complete package. Today, we will talk about top essential Element Pack addons for Elementor that your website needs.

Top Essential Element Pack Addons for Elementor Your site Needs

  • Advanced Gallery
  • Animated Heading
  • Business Hours
  • Cookie Consent
  • Crypto Card
  • Honeycombs
  • Marker
  • Pricing Table
  • Panel Slider
  • Profile Card
  • Post Slider
  • Protected Content
  • Step Flow
  • Social Proof
  • SVG Image
  • Thumb Gallery
  • Everest Form
  • Faq
  • Image Magnifier
  • Post Block

Advanced Gallery

The first thing is the Advanced Galley addon. We mainly use it as an image gallery to showcase products or pictures on a webpage. The image above shows an example from its hundreds of applications. Moreover, it can show your photos in masonry and justified formats. One more fantastic thing is, this addon has an image masking option. You can use this essential Element Pack addons for premium photo gallery with all those fancy markings. If you visit our demo page here, you will get the whole picture.

Animated Heading

Animated Heading is a brilliant product from Element Pack. Replace your traditional heading addon that WordPress offers with this fantastic addon. You can apply various animation effects on the heading from its quick customisation options. Also, you can choose any part or the whole heading that you need to be animated. Make sure to have a look at this essential element pack addons from here.

Business Hours

If you want to show your business days to your visitor, then Business Hours is the perfect addon for you. This lightweight addon can display the working days, closing days, and current time & date; all the same time. You can set any colour you want on display. Just go to its customisation options. Additionally, you can insert any media on the screen. It is a much useful essential addon from element pack.

Cookie Consent

We all know about Cookie Consent more or less. If you have any kind of cookie in your website, you need to mention it through cookie consent. In cases like google analytics, Jscript code, etc. you need cookie consent. However, the banner design of this cookie consent (by Element Pack) is custmisable. You can change the it color, alignment, even dimension. Moreover, you can change it to a boxed cookie consent if you like. Check out this lightweight essential addons here.

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Crypto Card

Crypto Card is a currency conversion addon. Almost everyone in 2020 knows about cryptocurrency. What this addon does is, it shows the international currency conversion amount between cryptocurrency and foreign currency. Here, you can select the type for crypto and the conversion currency to see the value, stock in the market, and amount of conversion number. Note that, you can change the appearance quite a bit as Element Pack designed it that way. Check it out now!


Now, it is one of our favourite addon, Honeycombs. It is a new product on our recent update. It is a multipurpose addon that works as a small information window, a button, and a small image gallery. You can customise it with various colour and four different styles. Also, you can manually insert your icons on the front end. It is indeed a smart and stylish essential element pack addons. Watch our demos.


Coming up next with another fantastic addon that will blow your mind! Marker addon does the job as its name suggests. It places markers where you need them. Then, you can put any text, icon, or image inside any photographs or data chart using it. These small little icons hold your text or images and hide them on the marked places. Just click them to reveal their content. It’s a handy tool for delivering specific information for maps, group photos, great products with many info points, and more. It’s one of our essential element pack addons for Elementor. Have a look at its demo.

Pricing Table

Pricing Table is a must-need tool for a business website. If you want to showcase the pricing of your special products or services, this tool will help you the most. It is an essential element pack addon for online stores, eCommerce stores, business sites, markets, and more. The addon has a lot of customisable options. Using them you can create unique and stylish pricing tables easily. One more thing, it has 3 skins and 7 different layouts to choose from. Make sure to check its demo.

Panel Slider

If you are looking for a beautiful slider for your website, you better choose Panel Slider addon. It is a magnificent addon that supports pixel-perfect graphics. You can use it to display beautiful landscapes, locations, products, staff members, etc. There are options to add title, description, and read more button on it. Also, you can add an overlay effect to make it look more stunning. Have fun with this amazing essential element pack addons! See the demos here.

Profile Card

Next, is the Profile Card addon. As the name suggests, this tool is to create an advanced profile card to display on your website. Unlike old plain profile layout, profile card comes with a variety of smart & modern finishes. Our design team has put fresh ideas into this addon. What’s more, you can integrate it with Instagram, blog posts, admin panel, etc. Cool, isn’t it? Grab this fantastic piece of technology now! Visit this essential addons demo page to know more.

Post Slider

If you want to display your posts in a full-width frame, then Post Slider is for you. This addon is a multipurpose tool. You can use it to display posts, pages, portfolios, testimonials, faq, events, and products. Also, it comes with three different skins. Each one is unique and has a refreshing outlook.

Moreover, you can make the sliders appear automatically or manually from the animation option. I guess you can understand why it is an essential element pack addons. Have a look at the demo page.

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Protected Content

Do you have contents on your website that are confidential? Do you want to hide them or show them to specific persons? Wait no more! Use Protected Content addon from Element Pack. It has the options to show/hide contents for a particular group of users like admin, employees, customers, agents, etc. The things you can protect with it are images and texts.

Furthermore, you can also protect any templates or charts, but you need to add them in the dashboard first. Use this unique addon for personal privileges. See the demo.

Step Flow

Step Flow is an essential element pack addon for instruction based websites. Whenever you need your visitors to follow specific steps in your website, you can use step flow addon. With it, you can arrange a set of instructions in a flow chart manner easily. Moreover, from its customising options, you can put an icon or image on the screen. Also, you can change the colour and border to shape it as you like. Check the demo page to learn more about it.

Social Proof

Social Proof is an excellent addon to boost your website. Media is a very powerful backing behind a website. Not only they increase traffic, but also they place trust among your visitors. So, with the social proof addon, you can display all of your positive social media feedback on your website. Currently, it supports up to four social media platforms. With this addon, you don’t need any other 3rd party unsecured plugin for social media promotions. Check out this essential element pack addons here.

SVG Image

SVG Image refers to Scalable Vector Graphics image. Generally, most of the social media use GIF animations in their interface. But, when it comes to websites, they have a profound way of displaying animated images. And, that is the SVG Image. With our addon, you can display your SVG easily. It supports forward & reverses animations. SVGs have the power to attract peoples’ attention instantly with its exciting animations. See the demo to learn more about this essential element pack addons.

Thumb Gallery

Similar to Post Slider addon, the Thumb Gallery addon displays posts with a full-width view. The main difference between the two is the tiny navigation at the bottom. Also, it has a semi-transparent description box in the middle. Check out this essential element pack addons from the demo page.

Everest Form

If you are looking for a form layout for your website, we can recommend the Everest Form. It is a pretty basic form addon for gathering users contact information. You can find it as a 3rd party addon and one of the most used addon globally. Have a look at its demo page for more information about this essential addons.


Next is the Faq addon. It is a dedicated addon for creating faq section in your website. The interesting thing about it is, you can add an Accordion effect on the lines, add icons, change the background colour of each line, and show categories. It is a very basic and essential addon by element pack. Check out the demo page here.

Image Magnifier

Image Magnifier is another exciting tool. You can use this addon to let your visitors view your images comfortably. Most of the time, you can use this addon if you have more detailed or complex image or featured image. Check out this essential element pack addon demo page here.

Post Block

Lastly, presenting the Post Block addon for your website. If you want to display your posts beautifully like the image above, you can try this addon. It has an amazing customization menu. You can customize its layout and change its outlook easily. Create unique post blocks effectively with this tool. It is one of the essential addons by element pack. Have a look at the demo page.


Thank you for reading this blog. We tried to cover the essential addons that you need inside your website. Feel free to let us know if you find these information helpful.

Stay safe.

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