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Top 20 element pack ready page template for elementor website [updated]

Elementor is the fastest solution for web developers who tend to build websites more often. Instead of raw codes, you have ready page templates at Elementor for creating stunning websites within minutes.

Obviously, Elementor has tonnes of widgets both itself and 3rd parties for custom designing websites, there are some undeniable truths. Designing a webpage from scratch consumes a lot of time and effort. Most certainly, the major of the developers falls victim to tiredness and a certain fixation about the design itself. As a result, either poor design or good design but takes a month. So, the easiest way is to make something out of something you already have. That’s where the ready page template for elementor comes to light.

In this blog, we will tell you about the 20 most awesome templates presented by the Element Pack team. These page templates have a good build with an eye-catching design, super-fast page loading mechanism, SEO friendly, highly responsive, and full of customizable options. So, let’s not waste more time. Introducing the top 20 element pack ready page template for elementor website.

1. Agency Template 5

agency template page template for elementor

Digital Agencies work for the self-development of people. Seeking advice and a trusted hand to hold is the human’s desire since born. Create your super supportive online agency website with this stunning piece of template from Element Pack. That’s right. Agency Template 5 is one of the top business and consultancy agency templates that will move your visitors to surprise. It is one of our lightest, fastest, and beautiful templates for websites. You can directly import it into your webpage with just 1 click. Grab this page template for elementor now.

2. Accommodation Rental

accommodation rental

If you are a travel lover then you must have faced many problems regarding the stay up at hotels or apartments. 9 out of 10 people will pull out their android to search up some website that may give them rental accommodation online. That’s where we have taken a step. We have made the Accommodational Rental page template for elementor. Using this template, you can instantly create your rental service website online. Just need to follow a couple of steps and you will create something unique form this very user-friendly page template.

3. Amazing App

amazing app

Amazing App is a revised page template for mobile app developers. Running a mobile app website is not so easy. There are tonnes of live coding runs between the server and WordPress. So, these types of website needs something light and responsive in design. Element Pack has forked out the core essence of this template by optimizing it to the maximum light-weight configuration. It’s faster than any mediocre templates on the market. Also, you get to keep the built-in widgets totally free. Have fun with this amazing page template for elementor.

4. App Landing Template 4

App Landing Template 4 page template for elementor

Next is another app template but it’s on the heavy side. App Landing Template 4 is a modern page template for elementor and dedicated to the application-based websites. UI/UX design for mobile app interface is quite a popular job. Our template will help the designers to create their own website with all the functions necessary in this regard. We have poured critical functions that are specifically up for this task. What you have here are beautiful designs, animated interface, slider, navbar, and more. Feel free to take a look at its advantages.

5. App Landing Template 3

App Landing Template 3

App Landing Template 3 is in the same category as the previous one. It’s a variant of the web-app website template. Build with robust and high responsive design, this template is best suited for corporate business plans. It has more details on the landing page compared to the previous one. Also, there is a full-width pricing table close to the bottom of the template. Have a look at this stunning page template for elementor.

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6. Digital Crafters

Digital Crafters page template for elementor

Digital Crafters template brings a charming interface for the developers who need to design their business consultancy website. This template uses extended background graphics and bigger fonts in a good color combination. The landing page design contains several sections having 1 thing as common, oversized sliders. People who are tensed with their plans about business policies may find this template’s interface very calming. So, it’s a good choice of a ready page template for elementor.

7. Child Needs

Child Needs

Of course, who doesn’t love shopping for their children! Children’s clothing, fashion, wares, toys, etc products need to be displayed in such a manner that the children themselves love them. Child Needs page template will let design such super-cute baby shopping websites with ease. You will have sliders, animation styles, mega titles, and more features with this template. That’s not all of it. It’s super customizable, meaning that you can change the whole interface with simple clicks. This page template for elementor is best for creating kid’s shop websites.

8. Racer


Racer is the best page template for online shoe web-stores. If you are looking for a template that is both gorgeous and optimized for images, this is your number 1 choice. This template is full of WooCommerce features and widgets having the perfect integration. Despite being loaded with tonnes of images, this template loads pretty quickly. Because it is highly optimized for images and WooCommerce products. Grab this awesome ready page template for elementor.

9. Fashion Design

Fashion Design page template for elementor

Fashion Design is one of our favorite ready page template for fashion websites. It is full of awesome-looking graphics and contains vivid color combinations, making it totally outstanding in the industry. The hero section has a full-width corner-cut background that just goes with the overall theme. There are also many freemium widgets including advanced galley, WooCommerce products, WooCommerce grid, Countdown, etc. Having this template, you can design lots of colorful websites by customizing it to the fullest. This one of the top page templates for elementor.

10. Men Fashion

Men Fashion

Presenting one of our robust page templates, the Men Fashion. As the name suggests, it is a template for fashion stores and websites dedicated to men’s fashion. Fashion stores need to be tidy, contain lots of samples in a stylish manner, and dedicated carousel options for product navigation. The best thing about our template is, it contains all those necessary features to completely represent a fashion house. That’s why Men Fashion is our top page template for elementor.

11. Furniture Shop

Furniture Shop

Furniture Shop is one of our favorite templates at Element Pack. This is a well-built, fully optimized, and SEO friendly template for websites that sells furniture items. This theme has 4-5 different wide view sliders for showcasing different categories of furniture on one page. The hero section contains text animation, spiking the interest of the visitors at the first glance. The brilliant combination of lighting and coloring made this template one of the bests. Grab this ready page template for elementor for your shops now.

12. Women Fashion

Women Fashion

Women Fashion ready page template has almost the same features as Men Fashion template. Both templates have common ground regarding interface design, features, options, layout, etc. Just it is slightly different from the former. The background mainly represents most of a website and the case is similar here. Get this fantastic page template for elementor for your women’s fashion stores and sites.

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13. Corporate Template 2

Corporate Template 2

If you want to create a website for corporate management and consultancy then Corporate Template 2 is your best course of action. This is one of the best page templates by Element Pack for creating corporate websites in seconds. You don’t have to trouble anything, just import this template directly to your running page. This template is responsive and works with other themes without any glitches. Our designers have infused both PSD and Codes into this template, making it super fast and super easy to use. Take a look at this page template for elementor at


14. Beauty Salon Template 2

Beauty Salon Template 2 page template for elementor

Suppose you are running a beauty salon. You wanted to take your business on the online platform. So, you need to create a website that goes along with your work theme. How will you do that? Designing things are not so easy. For your comfort, we made Beauty Salon Template 2 as our one of the most leading elementor page templates. Retina-ready graphics, vibrant color combination, lots of cool animation styles- all of this will be yours with just 1 template. This product is a harvest of our elite team behind the desk. Feel free to take a look.

15. Bd Shop

Bd Shop

Bd Shop is our full-page template for online shopping websites. Remember how varieties of super-shops display their products online? We have made this template with similar features and interfaces to that of a super-shop. So, you can easily fit your accessories, clothes, kits, make-ups, etc products in our template. It is light, well responsive, and perfect, with no need for a developer’s touch again. That’s why it is one of our top page template for elementor.


16. Cleaning Template 4

Cleaning Template 4

The cleaning service is very popular in western culture. Many people live by cleaning services. That’s why many individuals opened agencies for providing cleaning services to urban homes. For that purpose, Element Pack has designed Cleaning Template 4 page template for you. Now you can create attractive websites presenting your capabilities in seconds. Grab this page template for elementor now and get your website ready.


17. Single Property

Single Property page template for elementor

Single Property is a modern cutting edge template inspired by real estate brokers worldwide. The real estate business is one of the largest business fields in the world. People seek the perfect home they can spend their life. That’s why they pour all their assets into real estate and houses. Now, what every real estate broker need is a perfect website that brings calmness to the visitors, offers them beautiful decors to see. That’s why we designed this template according to the modern, eco-friendly home decor designs. This is one of our top page template for elementor.

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18. Home Painter

Home Painter

Home Painter is a website template for online paint-shops. It is a template designed solely for paint shop owners and home decor companies. The template offers a vibrant interface including full-width background display, lots of logos, grids, and high-contrast color combinations. It makes things easy for you to design tonnes of beautiful landing pages using this single template. Note that Home Painter is a minimalist page template for elementor.

19. Masonry

Masonry page template for elementor

Masonry is a modern template for planning & construction company. If you are running a mega-company containing thousands of workers solely aimed for construction and planning, then you must need the Masonry template for your top tier website. This template presents an eye-catching interface that can amaze any visitor at his first visit. It is densely packed with widgets and addons for anyone to swiftly roam inside. Grab this awesome ready page template for elementor now.

20. BD Restaurant

BD Restaurant page template for elementor

If you are running a restaurant then you need BD Restaurant template for your restaurant website. This template by Element Pack has all the key features a restaurant website should have. You will definitely like the fonts used in this template alongside all those parallax effects. More than anything, you can have all those widgets inserted inside for free. What else do you need? Grab this awesome ready page template for elementor.


We use templates mostly because to save time behind a website. Why will you spend an extra hour mindlessly where 1 template can relieve you from overnight’s work? Today, we tried to provide you all the necessary templates that have the most features available on the market. If you find more suitable ones please comment down below.

Thank you for reading this blog. Have a nice day.

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