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WordPress Live Chat plugin: Where To Find And How To Add?

WordPress Live Chat plugin is one of the essential tools that improve user experience by a large bite. Often you have seen this small popup message offering a live chatting with the site owners. That is the basic function provided by the live chat plugin.

So, how will you add such a feature to your website? Let us show you that in this blog. Let’s begin!

Things to know WordPress Live Chat plugin

WordPress live chat plugin is a third-party function that enables chatting options from visitor to the owner. It’s a feature even WordPress has on its official website.

This feature solves the trouble for fixing any web issues on the go. Earlier, people had to mail us and wait for days for solutions. With live chat, they get answers almost instantly.

There are a good number of service providers for this live chat function on the web. The majority of them are safe to use. There is hardly any case of privacy violation as far as we are informed.

The live chat feature is operated on a separate platform rather than from the inside of WordPress. It reduces your precious server processing power. Also, the live chat systems have an easy-to-use interface. So, both your clients and operators can enjoy it.

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Some of the top-class live chat plugins

We always inform our readers about quality tools and content. Similarly, there are a few live chat plugins that have been on the top list by users. Let’s see some of the first.

LiveChatWordPress Live Chat plugin


LiveChat is the best live chat system made for WordPress. It’s a number 1 program with features that qualify its position. Probably there are none or one-two plugins with similar advantages as this one.

LiveChat plugin offers:

  • Awesome looking interface
  • Customizable chatbox
  • Chat option via mobile, web-app & desktop app
  • Automatic response option
  • Sneak-Peek User-typing view
  • File sharing option
  • Tracking/analytics on visitors

You can find all these and more features with the LiveChat plugin. So, that concludes its popularity.


Crisp Chat

Crisp is the fastest live chat program designed for WordPress. It’s one of the topline platforms even being a newly created system. Amazingly, you can use it free of cost with minimum features. The paid version comes with almost similar privileges as the LiveChat plugin.

If we compare Crisp & LiveChat, we can hardly differentiate between them due to the similarity of the features. However considering the speed of the application, Crisp seems to be the more reasonable choice.

Let’s look at the features of Crisp:

  • LiveChat & Chatbot
  • CRM to improve leads
  • Shared inbox
  • Connect with a huge variety of apps
  • Knowledge base to increase consumers’ knowledge
  • Monitoring system with dynamic status update

OlarkWordPress Live Chat plugin

In case you are looking for a stylish WordPress live chat plugin, Olark might be your best choice. It is one of the earliest builds and a reliable friend of yours. It also offers a free trial option. You may find it sufficient enough to meet your requirements.

There are more in the line but we will close the display at this. Let us show you how to add a live chat option to your website.

How To Add a live chat plugin

Let’s see an example from Element Pack‘s homepage. The live chat option usually appears in the bottom-right corner on your homepage. You can leave it blank or set a greeting message to start a conversation.

We will show you the live chat onboarding process using the Crisp Chat plugin. It’s one of the easiest ones and has a free version available.

Start with creating a free account

WordPress Live Chat plugin

Go to and click on the button ‘Use Crisp for free’ button. The page will be redirected towards a registration form.

On the form, put your personal information, click the check-box, and hit continue.

WordPress Live Chat plugin

Then, they will ask the target domain and name of the WordPress website where you will be using Crisp live chat.

After that, you have become a Crisp user and can visit your dashboard by clicking the button on the display.

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Setting up dashboard

WordPress Live Chat plugin

This is your by default Crisp dashboard. On the left side, you will find the interface tabs for visitors, chat, contacts, campaigns, helpdesk, etc.

Crisp didn’t mention any locked feature for the free version. So, you can directly enjoy all of the core features for a limited time period.

You can either click on the Setup button for configuring Crisp with your WordPress site.

WordPress Live Chat plugin

Or you can click on the button to initialize the live chat feature on the WordPress website. Note that the live chat will be available for 6 days in the free version.

Onboarding with WordPress site

You can use your Crisp dashboard to manually install the plugin inside your WordPress dashboard. To do that, go to Dashboard> Plugins> Add New> and search for Crisp then install it.

WordPress Live Chat plugin

After installing, you will see a screen saying ‘Connect with Crisp’. Hit that button as you see above.

A new popup will emerge and ask you to continue linking Crisp with your website. Click to continue.

WordPress Live Chat plugin

Reload your website and you will see the Crisp plugin below in the right corner on your display. Hopefully, you have successfully added a WordPress live chat plugin to your website.

Anyway, try clicking the Crisp icon and see the message field. You can set auto-responder for greeting messages from Crisp Dashboard> Campaign> Automated. That’s it!


A live chat system is a great way to show a caring attitude towards your visitors. Often help received from this communication method proves to improve the user-admin relationship very much. That’s why we consider it a great tool for enhancing your website.

Last but not least, pay a visit to the Element Pack plugin for Elementor. It has over 185 essential widgets to boost your page-building experience with the drag-drop tool Elementor.

Thanks for reading this blog.

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