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Make a Photo Gallery website using Elementor & Element Pack

Tired of the WordPress Gallery widget! Element Pack brings the Advanced Image Gallery widget. With this new widget, you will have full control over the gallery layout and design. It includes all-new amazing & necessary features for you. That is why it’s the best choice to make your photo gallery website.

Advanced Image Gallery

An image speaks for itself. No one can describe an image with a few words. But an Image gallery, it is a whole different level. Once again, Element Pack brings you an outstanding widget to showcase your valuable images.

Presenting the Advanced Image Gallery widget for Elementor.

Sit tight! I’m about to unpack a lot of cool features of this widget.


Introducing Element Pack

Element Pack

Element Pack is the most optimized add-on based on the WordPress Elementor plugin for creating your premium photo gallery website. 

This plugin has a vast inventory ready to be deployed on your website. Also With 140+ plugins, 400+ ready-to-use pages, over 1100 unique blocks, Element Pack has made it to the position of Top 6 worldwide.


Raw Code – We Developed it From Scratch

Element Pack is a visionary company. We work non-stop to create things out of ideas. Because we are creative, we always make our consumers happy. In fact, we wanted to make sure our widget will live a mark in the highest performance. Our engineers worked very hard to make each hand-crafted widget. The result: a stunning widget with more stability and a lightweight frame.

You can use our widget to create your photo gallery website with ease. Moreover, it supports all platforms and plugins. Also, you can use it with any theme you like.

Best web solution

Want to boost your website with our product?


Alright, enough chitchat. Let’s see it in action.

Inserting advanced image gallery

Placing the widget

Although it’s no worth mentioning, still let’s be clear. Drag and drop the widget from the widget menu into a section.

Customizing advanced image gallery

Custom Style Settings

First things first. The first section you will see is the Image Gallery. Here, you have to pick the images that you want to show. Also, you will have a drop-down option ‘SKIN‘. From there, you can select the showcase style for the photo gallery website.

Customizing advanced image gallery for Photo Gallery Website

Take the image above as an example. You can change the gallery style to Carousel from the Skin option.

Customizing advanced image gallery

Hold your horses! This is an outstanding setting that you will not find anywhere else. The Image Mask option lets you choose from 20 variety of masking style. Hence, with this feature, you can add more spice to your photo gallery website.

Customizing advanced image gallery

Although, you can figure it out. Let me give you another example of the Image mask option.

Customizing advanced image gallery for Photo Gallery Website

Well, to be frank, this advanced image gallery supports 3 different image alignment styles. Moreover, you can choose them from the Gallery Mode option. The image above is showing ‘Justified’ mode. In fact, this mode groups up images with similar height.

Customizing advanced image gallery
Customizing advanced image gallery

However, from the Link Type option, you can either choose an icon or text for the link button.

Customizing advanced image gallery for Photo Gallery Website

Once again, the ‘Masonry’ mode groups up images with similar width. Isn’t this feature so cool? Note that, the Gallery Mode is set to normal as default.

Customizing advanced image gallery

Additionally, you have an option to add a tilt effect. Also, you can choose lightbox animation from here. Note that, lightbox will appear when you click on the link button.


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Styling Your Photo Galley Website

Time for the fun part. Till now, all we have done is basic settings. Now, we will change the appearance of the advanced image galley. Let’s get going

Advanced Style Settings – Style Tab

Customizing advanced image gallery for Photo Gallery Website

Border option is not a new thing. With the Advanced Image Gallery widget, you have a brilliant border option in hand. As you can see, the first option is Overlay Animation. What is does is cover up the image with another layer of coat.

One thing I can’t help but say, the overlay option has many uses. You can set any thin layer of color as an overlay and display it over each image. Not only it brings a unique effect but also it brings attention. However, explore this customizable section carefully to learn more about it.

Ops! I forgot to mention. I’ve made that unique image shape using the Border Radius option. Hence, try it out yourself and create a unique photo gallery website.

Last but not least, the Link Style section lets you change the color and border of the link button. Clicking this button will zoom the image. Also, you can add padding and a box-shadow to it.


Build Yourself – Make Your Stunning Photo Galley Website Professionally

Stunning Photo Gallery Website Professionally Made

Congratulations! Now that you have made this far, it seems you have learned the whole process. As you saw, you can create your beautiful photo gallery website with this Advanced Image Gallery widget easily.

So do not waste more time, let’s make some epic websites! Once again, thanks for reading this blog.

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