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Best WordPress Newsletter Plugin to Get More Email Subscribers Easily

Getting subscribers to your mailing list is one heck of a job and we all know it. It is obvious especially when you want to drive more traffic to your website. WordPress users need WordPress Newsletter Plugin to handle such activity with ease.

For starters, a newsletter is a piece of information or a document or an offering or even an article, etc. which is periodically sent through email to a mailing list of all people who registered there.

Every website owner knows the value of the email list. Creating a list of email addresses does not require much work. But you are asked to put the right tools in place from the beginning to start building a nice list.

Obviously, we need to know how the total process work. The first process is to collect email information. We can achieve that by doing any of the following:

  • The system captures customer information when they exit or, browse a certain page, etc.
  • An e-mail subscription form offers something for an e-mail exchange.
  • Email receiving tool with options for launchers and coupons

Finally, you need to have a email service provider who will deliver all the email for your customer.

Mailchimp,ConvertKit, Aweber, Getrepsonse etc would be a good choice to start with. If you want to make your hand dirty by setting up things yourself, we recommend Mailster.

Anyway, the goal of this article isn’t demonstrating how to develop such list. Main challenge is to catch user attention into an email list through form ( AKA subscription form, top bar etc). And we are going to focus exactly on that. 

In this article, I am going to demonstrate the best  WordPress Newsletter Plugin to  Get More Email Subscribers into your list. Let’s do it:


Best WordPress Newsletter Plugin to Get More Email Subscribers

A starting disclaimer, You need to have knowledge of how to manage a WordPress website and install a plugin. That’s obvious that you know it cause you are reading this article! So I am assuming you know that. If not please follow WordPress Management Series Posts by WP Beginner. Okay, here we go,

Element Pack Pro - Premium Elementor addons

If you are using elementor in your website, we would highly recommend to check out our plugin Element Pack Pro. This plugin has every option a blogger needs. We have made custom widgets for email subscription for MailChimp user. We are also planning to add a subscription option for other service providers. Even you will be able to use your own mailing list software with this plugin in the near future. We have call outs for building lists, sidebar widgets and many more. 

Please have a look at our Element Pack Pro Elementor Premium addons plugin . 


OnePress Opt-In Panda

If you are a  website owner that shares lots of useful resources, then you need this plugin to build your list! This particular plugin locks the selected portion of content. And user needs to opt-in into the mailing list to check that content. Hey, if you are a legit resource sharer, they must provide you the email subscription. And we know they will. 

They have both free and paid version. The free one is good enough and serves most of the need for a mailing list. 

You can check the free version of OnePress Optin Panda at WordPress.Org


Want to know about the best premium elementor addons for blogger and affiliate marketers?

We have written an article about what feature your blog site should have in this “10 premium elementor addons for blogger and affiliate marketers “ post. Have a read.



Icegram makes it very simple to make targeted campaigns. you’ll set up the looks of a popup as well as when, what time, on what pages, between what dates and on the devices it will display the popup form. What’s more interesting about Icegram! Icegram works with most email sending services .

To learn more visit Icegram plugin page at WordPress.Org


Newsletter - WordPress Newsletter Plugin

newsletter plugin

If you want to manage everything by yourself, like collecting email address, storing them to your server/website and then send email from your server to your subscriber then Newsletter WordPress Plugin is for you. It is free and everything is available here. It is one of the best free plugins with over 200,000 downloads. The feature of this plugin includes:

1) Drag and drop email composer often known as email templates to the email marketer

2) A double opt-in subscription option to comply with GDPR.

3) Email tracking with advanced statistics.

3) You can segment your campaign to fine tune the opt-in funnel.

This plugin is absolutely free and limitless, that is, unlimited email and subscriber management facility. However, if you have a fairly large list, then it might be a problem as your host won’t be able to handle such email list load. So they have also made a paid version which let you use third-party email sending services like SES, MailGun, etc. 

Please check the free version of Newsletter WordPress Newsletter Plugin  at WordPress.Org 


Popular blog

How to Use Iframe Widget in Elementor by Element Pack

Hustle – Pop-Ups, Slide-ins and Email Opt-ins


According to the developer of this plugin (WPMUDEV), “Hustle is the ultimate marketing plugin for building a mailing list, targeted marketing, lead generation, building a social following, improving conversions, and growing your business.”

We love this one because it offers more conditional logic to trigger the opt-in form. And it manages it quite nicely.

It is based on the Freemium model. Most of the features are free and for a regular user, we believe enough. You can, however, explore the paid version to check out whether you need those or not. 

Please check out Hustle from WPMUDEV at WordPress.Org


Final Note

The main concern of building a list is “How to get more email subscribers “ . We have actually  focused on that. We have tried to keep it simple and mostly have considered free WordPress Newsletter Plugin. But for elementor user, we highly recommend checking out our plugin. 

Please let us know if you find this article useful. Also, comment below if you find a plugin that needs our attention. If your suggestion deserves to be included, we will. 

Please share this article to your friends. There is a saying, sharing is caring. Until next time, Good bye.

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