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Best free elementor addons – Element Pack lite plugin for WordPress

Element Pack is a freemium plugin, offering 190+ premium as well as lots of free addons. These elementor addons are essential for designing a website. Although there are tonnes of free addons on the market, there’s none like Element Pack Lite. It is the free version of Element Pack Pro with limited features. And, it gives a stunning 41 free addons for general use—no need to buy anything. Just install and use it.

Today, we will talk about the thirty free addons from Element Pack Lite. We will give insights about their actions and the best features. So, let’s not waste more words on the intro. Let’s get started!

Best free elementor addons – Element Pack lite

Now, before we start, let me give you a couple of heads up first.
Element Pack is one of the top Elementor widget pack. It is ranked 6 in the whole world. It is not a seasoned company rather a fresh out of the box. But why so many people loved it? Because each of its product is more amazing than others. You will get more options for customization, and you get 24/7 rapid customer care. These are the reasons behind its popularity.

Now, let us introduce its free elementor addons.

1. Accordion

accordion free elementor addons

Accordion is a collapsible content addon. It is a graphical control element that you can extend or collapse upon click. It stacks up vertically and hides images, icons,, or text with just a title. Once you click the title, it will reveal the inner contents. This addon is more flexible and more customizable then other accordion addons available. Get this free elementor addons with Element Pack Lite.

2. Backdrop Filter (Glassmorphism)

Backdrop Filter allows you to create a hazy background effect, making a glassmorphism effect on top of the current background. This feature is a part of the Elmentor Extend program which works solely on Elementor upon installing our plugin. Check it now!

3. Business Hours

business hours

Business Hours addon is just like the name suggests. It shows live clocks as well as the date and time for your business opening and closing days. This is the best way to get your visitors to know when you do business. And, you are getting these elementor addons for free. So, what are you waiting for?

Grab your free copy of Element Pack Lite here.

4. Call Out

call out

You know about call-outs right? Every website these days uses it as the fastest way to reach their visitors. It is a small box with a couple of words/images and a button. The main goal here is to give the visitors the urge to make a decision. It’s like if you are not gonna buy it, you will regret it. This free elementor addons is more advanced and reached out than others.

Check it out now!

5. Caldera Form

free elementor addons caldera form

Forms are undivided part of any website. You want your visitors to sign up; you need a form; need newsletter, need a form; need an inquiry, need a form. So, each similar task needs forms. Now, we have Caldera Form addon, one of the fastest and lightest forms on the market. It’s very light and straightforward to use. Indeed, this free elementor addons will be the most useful tool for you.

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6. Contact Form 7

contact form 7

Contact Form 7 widget is a user-friendly, made for your visitors to easily send their inquiry, message, or contact information within minutes. This lightweight widget is not only fast but also simple. Though it is a 3rd party widget at Element Pack, they made sure that you can customize it. So, don’t waste more time. See it in action!

7. Countdown


Who doesn’t know about the Countdown addon? It is one the most used addon for advertising limited time products all over the commerce network. Although, it looks simple, it has much more items inside. And, Element Pack has made more adjustments to make it more stunning. Don’t believe it? See it for yourself!

8. Cookie Consent

Cookie Consent free elementor addons

If your website has things that run with cookies then you have to notify the visitors about it through a little message. This is called Cookie Consent. The good news is, Element Pack has Cookie Consent addons for showing this message to your visitors. Well, there are a ton of ways of using this addon with its variety of customization options. But, it is a free elementor addons for you.

9. Custom Gallery

custom gallery

Custom Gallery is one of the most popular addons for creating a website. You can show various kinds of things with this addon. Suppose you are running fashion house, or grocery shop, or business consultancy. You can put your brand images in a stunning lineup with the custom gallery addon. What’s more, the image above is only a tiny example. See for yourself what you can do with this free elementor addons.

10. Dual Button

dual button

Dual Button is a handy addon for eCommerce website. In those cases where you need to give two different options to your visitors, just throw a double button addon and solve it instantly. This awesome free elementor addons comes with so many styles; you can only wonder how beautiful it is. Make sure to have a look at its demos for more insight.

11. Everest Forms

Everest Forms makes the lightest, fastest, and styles forms for your website. This quick-to-use tool has been helping a lot of professionals in the field. Check this!

12. Fancy List

Fancy list free elementor addons

Actually, Fancy List addon is similar to the list addon. But it is more profound, more advanced, and more stylish. That’s right! Now, you can even add logos, icons, images, buttons to your list on the website. This smart addon has a stunning customization menu. So, if you are looking for something like this, don’t spend a buck and grab this free elementor addons from Element Pack Lite.

13. Featured Box

Planning to hold out social events? Feature Box lets you do that easily and effectively. This widget is made to hold out events, charities, donations, programs, and more. Catch the viewers’ attention with a sensitive design. Check this now!

14. Flip Box

flip box

The Flip Box is a convenient and fun tool. This widget is designed to showcase your pieces of information uniquely. The incredible thing is that Flip Box flips whenever you hover something over it! If you are a fan of art and culture, you can use this epic addon on your website. But you can use it to showcase any products or something also. Anyway, it is a free elementor addons and one of the most popular ones.

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15. Fluent Forms

fluent forms

Fluent Forms is another kind of form addon for elementor. Like all others, the main feature is a form. But why do you particularly need this if there are others? Because fluent form lets you build your form however you like. It has a unique interface, and you can actually create a form with blocks of functions just like elementors’. Pretty amazing right? However, it is a free elementor addons that you must need.

16. Formidable Forms

Formidable Form is the best form-building platform for WordPress. You can enjoy the magnificent workplace layout while having fun customizing your own forms.

17. Image Accordion

Ever tried the Image Accordion widget? While this tool is similar to the traditional accordion widget but, with the image as the center. Enjoy the demos. 

18. Image Compare

image compare free elementor addons

Image comparison actually makes differences between two images. If you want to show a before/after image, then the Image Compare addon is your best choice. Not only it does its job perfectly but also it has so many different styles to choose from. Feel free to check out this free elementor addons here.

19. Image Magnifier

image magnifier

If you need an image magnification option on your website, you must choose the Image Magnifier addon from Element Pack Lite. Now, why do you need this particular addon? Because it is the simplest yet the most stylish image magnification addon, you can ever find. The best thing about it is, it’s very light and very easy to use. Have a look at this free elementor addons here.

20. Lightbox

Lightbox is a popular tool for displaying a wide range of content using the popup method. With Element Pack version of Lightbox, you can display images, videos, logos, icons, buttons, maps, and more. Check it out!

21. Logo Grid

logo grid

A logo is something that bears the identity of a company or organization. It is actually a graphic representation or symbol often uniquely designed for recognition. So, for you to show your brands or your branding partners in a nutshell, Element pack has made you Logo Grid. It is one of the most used elementor addons on the market. Most of them will cost you. But this one is totally free. So, grab this awesome free elementor addons now!

22. Member

member free elementor addons

If you are trying to showcase your company members on your website, you will notice that it’s not an easy task. You need a ton of addons to create one member card, and it won’t look that much good. So, what’s your other option? It is here, the Member addon from Element pack. It is a free elementor addons for you to create stunning member cards for your staff. Add their image, social media links, custom styles, and many more with this awesome addon. Check out its demo.

23. Ninja Forms

ninja forms

Ninja Forms is a universal forms maker addon. There are many forms addon that doesn’t support specific platforms or plugins. But ninja forms support all the platforms and plugins on the internet. That’s why it’s easy to use and super compact. By the way, it is a free elementor addons on Element pack Lite.

24. Open Street Map

Open Street Map widget is similar to the Advanced Google map widget, just a little less in features. Helps you map out the desired location you want to share with your visitors.

25. Panel Slider

panel slider free elementor addons

You already know about sliders if you are using WordPress and Elementor. Although there are tonnes of slider addons available all around, the best one doesn’t have to be the most costly one. That’s right! Panel Slider is the best slider addon you can ever find. It has retina-ready graphics and a stunning UI to make it unique and out of the world. You can already guess its worth from the image above. However, Element Pack is giving this elementor addons free on their Lite version. Check it out on its demo page.

26. Progress Pie

progress pie free elementor addons

For most people, the demonstration of skills is very important. Besides the other ways of displaying skill, Progress Pie addon is a very easy and effective way. You can show your company’s progress, net profit, popularity, global worth- all of them with progress pie addon. It is easy to use and has many color options. But, this is a free elementor addons at Element Pack Lite.

27. Pricing List

Pricing List is one of the essential widgets for online stores or e-commerce sites. The good news is, you can now replace the old traditional pricing tool with our new and improved version widget. It’s fun to use, has a lot of style combinations, and supports a wide range of modifications. Check it now!

28. Reading Progress

Reading Progress assists visitors with a reading navigation system. Best for blogging sites where users need to spend a lot of time reading an article. See the demos.

29. Simple Contact Form

Simple Contact Form

Simple Contact Form is an exclusive product from Element Pack. This modern and stylish addon is a replacement for traditional form addons. The best thing about it is, it has more customization options than any others on the market. It is the best free elementor form addons available.

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30. Slider

slider free elementor addons

Slider addon is a versatile, user-friendly tool, used in your websites to show simple images or information in a slideshow, video, or animated layer slider. Like others, this addon will give you every option to showcase your pictures efficiently. Feel free to visit its demo page. Note that it is a free elementor addon.

31. Scroll Button

scroll button

We all know about the scrolling option or button on websites. Page scroll effect increases browsing experience, and our Scroll Button addon does the task very smartly. It is an exclusive as well as free elementor addons by Element Pack.

32. Step Flow

step flow

The Step Flow widget is a convenient tool, brought you by Element Pack Pro. This widget shows instructions with steps and arrows. Many times you need your visitors to follow a particular chain of instructions to subscribe, buy a product, or any specific action. That’s where the Step Flow widget comes in handy! Note that it is a free elementor addons on Element Pack Lite.

33. Search

Do you often wonder how websites add a search field on the top? Well, here’s how! Using the Search widget, you can create awesome-looking search fields and buttons that your visitors crave. Check this now!

34. Toggle


Toggle is a free elementor addons that works as a collapsible button on your website. You click it, you reveal more content. This addon saves more space on your website, allowing you to put more content freely. Grab it with a free copy of Element Pack Lite now.

35. Trailer Box

trailer box free elementor addons

If you’re looking for something suitable for advertising your business, our Trailer Box addon, I think, is perfect. The addon will allow you to display a small part of your business. It lets you create clickable content on your web page. Add images and link them with corresponding sites. This awesome elementor addons is free at Element Pack Lite.

36. Total Count

Display page stat with post counts, user counts, or comment counts using the Total Count widget. Show any icon or image along with an initial count number & display the stat brilliantly anywhere on your page.

37. Tutor LMS Course Grid

Tutor LMS Course Grid

It is a new addition to Element Pack’s inventory. The Tutor LMS Course Grid lets you add your online courses with a modern style on your website. You can add an image, some details, rating stars, and many more things on it. It’s best for entrepreneurs, helps them with course sales. But, it is a free elementor addons by Element Pack.

38. Tutor LMS Course Carousel

Tutor LMS Course Carousel

Tutor LMS Course Carousel is a similar addon with all the functions similar to the previous one. Just the difference is, this one is in the carousel style instead of a grid. This is also a free elementor addons.

39. Twitter Grid

Twitter Grid free elementor addons

For many website owners, Twitter feed is very much important. Because the feeds work for increasing social engagement, keeping users on your own site, mostly improving SEO. That’s why Element Pack has brought you Twitter Grid addons. Now you can easily show your tweets on your website. It is another free elementor addons on Element Pack Lite.

40. User Register

The default WordPress User Register widget is now more improved, more stylish, and more amazing layouts to display. This widget brings the old model into the frontend, gives you the pleasure of customizing it in various ways. Check it out!

41. WeForms


Another simple yet easy-to-use form addon is WeForms. It is an Element Pack exclusive product. Also, it is a free elementor addons. Works just like any traditional form addons.

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Element Pack has a lot to offer to its customers at a very low cost. Now, we have more than 190 widgets at your disposal. Get a copy of Element Pack today and enjoy an unreal webpage building experience.

Thank you for reading this Blog. Have a good day.

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