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Best Elementor Page Builder Add-ons and Widgets for Images [updated]

Elementor Page Builder is one of the quickest to achieve popularity amongst all the page builder available to the WordPress Community. If you don’t know, a page builder is a visual editor that helps anyone to build a website mainly by dragging and dropping elements. A non-techy can easily make a website using a page builder. Elementor is one of the best choices. Elementor has lots of add-ons that can be used to design a webpage. It also supports external add-ons and widgets developed by other third-party developers. In this article, I am going to focus best elementor page builder add-ons and widgets for images of website development by BDThemes in the Element Pack Pro add-ons.

Best Elementor Page Builder Add-ons and Widgets for Images

Images are very appealing to the audience. Sometime, an image describes everything better than a large description. There is a saying, an image tells you a thousand things! WordPress website designer and developer uses various style of image layouts to present their content to the audience. Images could be present in a slideshow, gallery, image comparisons etc. Here I will describe all the very best elementor page builder add-ons and widgets for images that we have make at element pack pro. So let’s begin:


Slideshow has become an important part of most of the modern website. Having plugin for all needs of a website actually decreases the site speed and user experience. We have created a special slideshow plugin inside our add-ons. So you won’t need to have extra slideshow plugin. It is fully drag and drop – means you can see how it will look on your website. 

Available features:

  • Content positioning: You can put the content inside of the slideshow as centered, left and right positioned. It supports title and description.
  • Animated slides: You can add animation in the slide. The next and previous slide button could be positioned as well.
  • Transitioned Slide: Slide could have transitions in between slide change. There are plenty of different styles to choose from.
  • Video Slide: You can add video as content in the slideshow.
  • Full width slide: Slide show can be set to stretch to the full width of the screen of the visitor.
  • Overlay on the slide: Slide could have a overlay-ed color so it becomes easy and obvious to read the content over any images.
  • Easy navigation: We have added small thumbnails in a style so it is easy to navigate in between slides.
  • Special Attraction – Kenburns Animation: This animation let’s you to animate the background images so it becomes more attractive.

Check the demo

Custom Image and Content Gallery

Having image gallery is essential for websites nowadays especially for the one that has portfolio and services. We have created a special gallery add-ons that has the following features:

  • Columned Layout: You can choose from 2 column to as many columns as you need to showcase your gallery items. 
  • Different layout: We have created different layouts. For example, default layout has white overlay while we have also created dark overlay options too. There are tilted design also
  • Rounded Gallery: Rounded corner images are cute and we have implemented that also in our gallery addons.
  • Nice Animations: we have added nice animations in the gallery.

Check the demo

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Custom Carousel

Carousel is also one kind of slider where we can put image and also content. We have created bunch of carousel as listed below:

  • Content Carousel
  • Pricing Carousel
  • 3D Carousel ( Images will be 3D animated) 
  • Video carousel for YouTube and Vimeo videos
  • Multi-column carousel
  • Logo based carousel
  • Overlay and content in the carousel
  • and many more! 
We have also got some content based carousel. Please check those on the demo and the video: 

Check the demo 1 ( Carousel) | Check the Demo 2 (Custom Carousel)

Thumb Gallery

This add-ons is also an image gallery. The main difference of this image gallery against the other image gallery is, instead of having a next and previous navigation button, we have added thumbnail for each slides. There are more than 7 styles available at this moment. 

Check the demo

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Scroll Image

This particular widget is very essential for someone who wants to sell product, showcase their talents through long images. It scrolls a large image from various angle so the visitor can check the whole layout in a moment. We have created large number of styles to give in your website just with a few clicks.

Check the demo

Image Magnifier

Image magnifier is a nice widget that can be used in an e-commerce website. You can even use it to any image which you want your user to view by magnifying (zooming). This widget can magnify in various way: 

  • Inner Magnification: Image will be zoomed inside the image container.
  • Standard Magnification: Image will open a pop up image.
  • Targeted Magnification: Image will be magnified on a specific targeted location. 
  • and many more.
Check the demo


Lightbox is one of the oldest and most popular style of showing image and content popups. We have also covered lightbox on our widgets/add-ons in Element Pack Pro. We got lightbox for:

  •  Images
  • Content
  • Videos
  • Mixed Content

Check the demo

Final Notes

I hope you have enjoyed all of these Elementor Page Builder Add-ons and Widgets for Images. I strongly believe that these image based widgets are enough for you to consider buying element pack pro.  We have more widgets for different usage. In fact, we have more than 190+ add-ons and widgets for various purposes and needs. Please have a look at the element pack elementor add-ons here. Please tell us more about your experience and thoughts on this article. Until next time, stay safe and blessed.

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