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How to integrate Mailpoet with Elementor Pro

While it’s easy to create your email subscription list, integrating Mailpoet with Elementor is easier.

Mailpoet is one of the best email subscription plugins for WordPress.

Word is there that it can send a huge amount of emails within the current working day, even without interrupting any of your work.

Again, you will get 1000 free subscriptions with the free version. That’s a great thing for a beginner website owner.

Anyway, let me show you how to integrate Mailpoet with Elementor Pro and use it on your website.

How to integrate Mailpoet with Elementor Pro

Actually, there are a couple of ways you can onboard Mailpoet on the Elementor website.

The most popular way is to use the Mailpoet dashboard & widget to do this job.

But, there’s another shortcut.

By using the Form widget provided by Elementor, you can easily integrate the whole of the Mailpoets’ applications.

Just Follow These Steps-

Install Mailpoet widget from WordPress dashboard

Once you are in your WordPress dashboard, go to the Plugins tab and click on the Add New button.

Search for the Mailpoet plugin and install the one saying ‘version 3’.

Setting Up Mailpoet For The First Time

The first step to integrate Mailpoet with Elementor Pro is to get it on board by setting up the basics.

Once you install the plugin, you will see the Mailpoet tab on your WordPress dashboard.

Click on the tab and finish the initial settings by giving in the name & email address that will be displayed on the consumer end.

Just click on the ‘Continue’ button for the next couple of steps and you’re done.

Make sure to open an account from the Mailpoet official website beforehand.

Create an Email List

Go to the Lists section

Click on the section named Lists under the Mailpoet tab.

Here, you will see premade mail lists that you can use for onboarding subscribers.

Let’s create a new list by clicking on the button above.

Create a new list

You will be required to give a name to your new list as well as a description if you want.

Hit Save once you are done.

View in dashboard

The new list you’ve just created will be displayed instantly.

Just hover the cursor to view its detail.

Tie Mailpoet with Elementor Pro

In this step, we will integrate Mailpoet with Elementor Pro using the pro widget provided by Elementor.

Take note that you can perform this step unless you have Elementor Pro activated on your website. So, make sure to get it.


Drag and drop the Form widget (by Elementor Pro) on your target page

On a new page with Elementor page editor, grab the Form widget (pro) and drop it inside your current page.

Onboarding Mailpoet

Go to Content> Actions After Submit.

Click on the Add Action field and scroll down the options.

From the bottom, you will need to select the Mailpoet 3 option.

Selecting target mail list

Step 1

Once you select Mailpoet 3 from the action list, you will see a new section with the same name below.

From there, select your newly created mail list.

This will import all the emails from this form into your target Mailpoet email list.

Step 2

After that, configure Field Mapping from the options below the list.

Step 3

Go to Content> Form Fields

Customize the form fields to match the layout provided by Mailpoet.

Test It Out

Now that you have successfully integrated Mailpoet with Elementor Pro, it’s time to test if it’s working properly.

Publish/Preview the form page you have just created and insert your test user info into the form.

Once done, click the ‘Send’ button and your subscription will be recorded.

Go back to Dashboard> Mailpoet> Lists

Now, click on the target mail list and you can see the imported subscriber details.

That’s how you can easily integrate Mailpoet with Elementor Pro and onboard subscribers.


Of the many applications of Mailpoet, we just showed you the most basic one.

Mailpoet can be used as a Newsletter service, welcome email, purchase notice, abandoned cart notifications, and many more mailing services.

Also, you can get live statistics of your emails and can track received mails, opened/unopened mails, redirected, & bounced emails.

All in all, it’s a one-stop email marketing service for beginners to professionals.

Don’t forget to enjoy Mailpoet Pro for free with below 1000 subscribers.

Additionally, Element Pack Pro brings a lot of form-type widgets to enhance the performance of the plugins like Mailpoet.

Check out the widgets.

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