How to Use Widget Tooltip

How to Use Widget Tooltip

An extension that works here on the basis of a widget. Whatever widget you use to show your content, you can apply for the Widget Tooltip extension with the widget. Generally, you will find settings and style tab to handle the tooltip.

Note: Here is a limitation. It is not a major issue. In the editor, you will not be able to see the tooltip. So, you’ve to hit the preview changes.

Let’s go ahead.

Widget Inserting and Tooltip

For explaining the concept, I’ll here insert Image widget and Google map widget and do all these things in bullets points. So, let’s start.

  • First of all, insert any widget( for example, Image widget and Google Map widget) so that you are able to give the tooltip effect.
  • Secondly, select the section hitting the widget(for example, Image widget). After that, go to the Advanced Tab > Use Tooltip?.
  • You using the switcher button Use Tooltip under the Advanced tab, can set up the layout and style the tooltip. And for that, you have to work with two tabs named Settings and Style. Just, use them.

    1. Settings – This tab will let you add text in the description field, select placement, and Animation. Mostly, you can use an arrow just enabling the arrow switcher button. Here, in this section, you might set distance and offset as your requirement.

    2. Style – If you want to style, hit style tab, and use the controls. See from this section, you’ll be able to set the tooltip width and mostly, background color and arrow color.

If you do all these things mentioned above, your’re all set.

Video Assist

In conclusion, if you read this doc, you can see how to use widget Tooltip. Hopefully, it is clear that two things work for widget tooltips.

  • Use Tooltip? switcher button (need to check yes)
  • Settings and Style.

In case, you feel you need more support, you can watch the video inserted above. Thanks a lot.

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