How to Use Tutor LMS Plugin

How to Use Tutor LMS Plugin

You’ll need to use such a plugin. Indeed the plugin will support you to launch a website. Mostly, the website will be based on the Learning Management System(LMS). If you use the Tutor LMS plugin, you’ll be very able to run your LMS website.

When you’re going to use the Tutor LMS widgets, you’ve to make sure you have installed and activated the plugin first.

Mainly, in the documentation below, I’ll show you how to use Tutor LMS Plugin step by step.

Let’s dive into the documentation.

Step-1: Firstly, add a new plugin. Just, go to the WordPress dashboard > Plugins > then, click on the Add New or upload the plugin. And for that search in the search bar with the “Tutor” keyword. Finally hit the Install Now button and then activate.

Step-2: When the installation is done, all is set for you to add a Course item. Just go to the WordPress sidebar > Tutor LMS> Course > Add New Item.

Step-3: In accordance with step-2, you can add a course item as many as you want to add. See the image of all course items.

Step-4: In this step, create a page and edit the page with Elementor Page builder. After that, insert a widget such a Tutor LMS Grid widget.

Note: Why do you need to work with the Tutor plugin? Because the plugin will allow you to add course items that you want to display on your site via the widgets Tutor LMS Grid and Tutor LMS Carousel widget. If you don’t follow the steps mentioned above, you will have no way to use an LMS related widget. As I mentioned in this note earlier.

Video Assist

To sum up, hopefully, you got it how important Tutor LMS plugin is and how it works. If you read the steps with attention and moreover watch the video inserted up, you’re done. That’s it.

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