How to use Timezone widget

How to use Timezone widget

The Timezone widget lets you display international timelines within your webpage. It’s a very simple widget that keeps the readers’ attention on the page.

Let’s see how to use it.

Inserting widget

Find the Time Zone widget from the widget menu and drag it inside your page.

Content tab

The content tab has all the base settings for changing the layout of the content.

The Timezone widget has a single section on this tab.

You can select the GMT time-frame with all current time-presets available. You can also choose a Custom GMT to your advantage.

The time format is available in both 12 hours and 24 hours.

Set the alignment to reposition the clock.

Turning on the Date & Country switchers will show dates and the country name along with the time zone. You can select the date format and show the country name manually.

Style tab

Now, let’s customize the appearance of the time zone.


Go to Style> Time

Change the color and typography of the time.


Go to Style> Date

Color and typography options for the dates.


Go to Style> Country

Color and typography options for the country.

Adding background color

Go to Advanced> Background

Then set a nice background color that matches your time zone content.


Watch this quick video or visit the demo page for more insights.

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