How to use the Charitable Login widget

How to use the Charitable Login widget

The Charitable Login widget lets you create a simplified login form on your website. This widget acts best paired up with your charitable campaigns.

Now, take a look at how it works.

Inserting widget

Find the Charitable Login widget from the widget menu and drag-drop it inside your page.

Content tab

The content tab has three options; a Login message text field, a Registration link text field, and a Redirect link field.

You can redirect users to any page within your website after a successful login. That’s all the basic settings.

Style tab

This widget has more options for customization in the Style tab. With these options, you can create catching and comfortable login form designs.

Charitable login

Go to Style> Charitable login

Change the color of the whole login field as well as add border, padding, and box-shadow.


Go to Style> Label

Change the text color, spacing, and typography of the labels.

Input Fields

Go to Style> Input Fields

Check here to customize the input fields by changing color or shape (with border-radius).

Login Button

Go to Style> Login Button

Design a smart-looking login button that may leave an impact on your donors. Change color, border, and padding. Typography is also important.

Register/Reset Text

Go to Style> Register/Reset Text

Change the color of the texts below the button as well as the divider in-between. Also, you can change their typography.


Watch this video about the Charitable Login widget and visit the demo page for more examples.

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