How to Use Tabs Widget

How to Use Tabs Widget

A tab is a graphical control element. The important thing is that it allows multiple documents or panels within a single-window. Most importantly, it works as a navigational widget for switching between sets of documents.

Here, I’ll give you some instructions on the basis of section and pictures detailed to help you get started.

So, let’s know how to use Tabs Widget by Element pack.

To Insert Widget

Inserting widget, it is just a matter of drag and dropping. As you see in the screenshot above.

Content Tab

Using the Content tab, you’ll be able to make a layout of a particular part (such as Tabs) of a website. And in this regard, some handy sections in the tab will assist you a lot.


Step-1: After dragging and dropping the widget in a new section, you will get a list group. The list not limited, you can add a new list in the group just clicking on the ADD ITEM button.

Step-2: You can edit every single list item. Simply, Go to the Tabs and hit your any desire tab items (Tab #1) > Title & Subtitle > > Icon > External Link.

Step-3: With the Custom source, you can select two more sources like Elementor Template and AE Template.

For example, go to Select Source > select Elementor Template > Select Template > Nested Accordion in Accordion( choose your one).

N.B: If Elementor Template is new to you, visit Nested Tabs.

Step-4: One more important thing is that the Tabs section will allow you to set Alignment, Nav Spacing, and Content Spacing.


Go to the Content tab > Additional > and check all the controls.

Style Tab

Now, let’s work with Style Tab. The tab will confidently have you style the web content (text, image, video, etc.) of the page you require to design. 

Styling with the Style tab in Elementor will always give you a fantastic experience.

Let’s have a look.


This section will let you set Background Type(classic/ gradient), Color, Image, Padding, Border Type, Radius, Box Shadow.

In connection with the mode of Normal and Active, you’ll get able to set Background Type (classic/ gradient), Box Shadow, Color and etc.


Go to the Style tab > Tab > Normal mode.


Go to the Style tab > Tab > Active mode.

But, Hover mode will let you set Border Type (classic/ gradient), and Color,

Just go to the Style tab > Tab > Hover mode.

Sub Title

There are three modes (Normal, Hover, and Active). In the matter of all the modes, you’ll be able to style the section Subtitle part.


Through this section, you can style the content.

Just go to the Style tab > Content.


Here you will also find three modes (Normal, Hover, and Active). Regarding all the modes, you’ll be able to style the Icon.

Simply, go to the Style tab > Icon.


Video Assist

To sum up, it seems you’ve noticed how to use our Tabs Widget by Element Pack. It is easy but a little bit tricky. Watch Video Assist and to get more ideas about the usage of this widget, take a tour to the demo page.

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