How to use Easy Digital Downloads History widget

How to use Easy Digital Downloads History widget

The Easy Digital Downloads History (EDD History) widget is an associated widget by EDD. This is a third-party widget and is integrated with Element Pack.

This widget shows the download history data produced by downloads through the EDD interface. You can display any amount of download data for any type of content with this add-on.

Inserting the widget

On your Elementor editor page, find the EDD History widget from the menu and drag it inside the page.

Note: Easy Digital Downloads is a third-party widget. Make sure to install and activate it from Dashboard> Element Pack.

Content tab

This is the first section holding the base settings of the content. As this widget has a default layout by the maker, you will have a single section on the content tab.

You can adjust content alignment for both the header and body.

Style tab

Here at the Style tab, you can customize the appearance of the content with lots of colors and shapes.


Go to Style> Table

In this section, you can set a border around the whole table with custom width and color. Use a deep color in the border to highlight the whole content on your webpage.


Go to Style> Header

You will find the color, border, and padding options for the header part of the content. Put some bright color for the header.


Go to Style> Body

The content body also has similar options as the header. In addition, it has a stripe color option for ease-of-view.


If you are still stuck at it, this video may come handy.

Thanks for your attention.

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