How to use Crypto Currency Table widget

How to use Crypto Currency Table widget

The Crypto Currency Table widget is used for displaying the current market condition for specified cryptocurrencies. Let’s see how it works!

Inserting widget

Find the Crypto Currency Table widget from the widget menu and drag it inside the page.

Content tab

The content tab has all the base settings for shaping the layout of the content. Here, you will see two sections for the widget.

Crypto Currency

Go to Content> Crypto Currency

Once you place this widget inside your page, you will see a blank field. To display the currencies, you need to put the currency names in the Crypto Currency field using (,) comma as separators.

You need to insert a currency code to show the crypto values on the Price column.

You can select the display order by ascending or descending. The maximum number of currencies can be limited. Again, you can display the table using Row Stripe & Row Hover for easy navigation.

Additional Option

Go to Content> Additional Option

This section has a lot of switchers. Flipping these switches on/off will show/hide specific items from the table. Try yourself!

Style tab

Using the style tab you can change the appearance of the Crypto Currency Table by color, border, padding, and more options.

Table Header

Go to Style> Table Header

Change the text & background color, typography, and padding of the header area.

Table Body

Go to Style> Table Body

In this section, you can change the color, add a border, and padding to the table body. There are color options for normal, hover, and stripe.

Currency Image

Go to Style> Currency Image

Change the currency icon size by the Width scrollbar.

Currency Name

Go to Style> Currency Name

Here, you will have options for changing text color of the currency name and short-name, typography, and spacing.

Currency Text

Go to Style> Currency Text

You can change the color and typography of the currency value texts on the table body.


Still stuck? Watch this video and visit the demo page for more examples.

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