How to display Nested Tab

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How to display Nested Tab

Nested Tab is a correlation between the child tab and the parent tab. Here I’ll include step by step instructions to help you get started to display Nested Tab using our Tabs widget.

Making Child Tabs

Step-1: At first, you’ve to make child tabs and to do that, go to WordPress Dashboard > Templates > click on the Add New.

Step-2: NEW TEMPLATE pop-up will arrive. Then, select Section (from the drop-down) > and give a template name (such as Nested Tab in Tabs) > hit the CREATE TEMPLATE button.

Step-3: Next, edit the template in Elementor editor.

Step-4: Then, insert Tabs Widget

  • When you’ll insert the Tabs Widget, you’ll be provided two sections Tabs and Additional under the Content Tab.
  • Go to the sections and edit them all. Keep your eyes through the screenshot below.

Tabs Section

Follow the flow Content tab > Tabs > and check all the controls.

Additional section

Just go to the Content tab > Additional > and check all the controls.

Making Parent Tabs

Step-1: First, insert Tabs widget.

Step-2: Go to the Tab Items and hit your any desire item(Tab#1) > Select Source > Elementor Template > Update > Reload (if not shown) > Select Template > Nested tab in tabs( created before under Templates). Now, it is done.

Step-3: Following the steps mentioned above, you can set the nested tab under every single item(Tab#2, Tab#3).


To style the nested tab, you’ve to style the child tab and parent tab separately.

Child Tab

Go the Style tab > Tab > Content.

Parent Tab

Go the Style tab > Tab > Content.

Video Assist

To sum up, I think you’ve realized that it is a little bit tricky to make a nested tab in the Elementor. And also hope that this article will come with usefulness to you. Watch Video Assist and visit the demo page.

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Selim Rana is the Founder of BdThemes - the company behind Element Pack Pro! He is a Software Engineer passionate about WordPress and Elementor.

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