How to Use Audio Player Widget by Element Pack

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How to Use Audio Player Widget by Element Pack

supported audio formats: MP3, WAV, and OGG. Sometimes you may need an audio player to publish your audio nad run it on your own site. This audio player supported audio formats: MP3, WAV, and OGG.

Element pack makes it easy for you to style the audio player design and looks to match the design of your website.

How to set up the audio player

To find the audio player quickly (because we’ve lot’s of the widget, it’s challenging to find the desired widget) – please type audio player on the search panel. It’ll be displayed on the dashboard while typing. Drag the widget and place it on the desired location where you want to show the player.

There you’ll find:

  • Audio
    • Skin type
      • Default
      • Poster
    • Source type
      • Local
      • Remote
    • Local file (source URL)
    • audio title
    • title
    • Player Width
    • Alignment
    • Fixed player
  • Aditional
    • Seek Bar
    • Time/Duration(s)
    • Restrict Time
    • After some second player will stop
    • Volume Mute/Unmute
    • Volume Bar
    • Smoothly Enter
    • Keyboard Enable
    • Auto Play
    • Loop
    • Default Volume

How to style the player

First of all, go to the Style tab and click on it. the style customizer option will appear.

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