How to Add Sticky in Any Section

How to Add Sticky in Any Section

This guideline walks you through the entire process of any sticky section on your WordPress site. Let’s go show, on how to create a sticky in any section.

Advanced Tab

How to enable sticky:

Enatble Sticky: Firstly you have set from the advanced tab (EP) Sticky Section enable-Just click (YES) button.

  1. Offset: You can set offset value 0-100, as you like.
  2. Active background Color: You will be set the active background color as you like.
  3. Active Padding: You can set section padding as you need.
  4. Active Box Shadow: Do you want to active shadow so you can set from here.
  5. Animation: If you want you can set huge animation,
    e.g. fade, scale top, scale bottom, scale down, scale-up, scale left, scale right, slide, etc.
  6. Scroll Until: If you don’t want to scroll after a specific section so set that section ID/CLASS here. for example: #section1 or .section1 it’s support ID/CLASS
  7. Sticky on Scroll Up: Set sticky options when you scroll up your mouse.
  8. Turn Off : If you want to hide a mobile or tablet so you can that.

Finally, you can get help with our video tutorial.

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