WC Carousel

The WooCommerce Product carousel is a dedicated widget for WooCommerce websites to display your shop products inside a neat and clean carousel interface. The design provides a minimal yet functional layout for your website

WC Carousel

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Product Carousel

Elementor woocommerce carousel widget with lots of customization and features.It has awesome features like elementor badge,product title & description,slider height and width,elementor slider option to increase conversion rate on your ecommerce website .

Woo Products Carousel

A plugin that is based on the WordPress Plugin Elementor and WOOCOMMERCE. It helps you to add a shopping cart slider to your WooCommerce product page easily, which will increase the CTR of your website.

Background Color Carousel

Elementor carousel for WooCommerce is an extension that gives you a way to add product carousel on your woocommerce website. The plugin provides lots of customisation and flexibility, so you can create all kind of carousels as you want!

Shadow Example

Elementor Carousel is a wow way to give master touch on your ecommerce website with WooCommerce Carousel. If you use woocommerce, this will be a must-have widget for you.