Table CSV File

Add Elementor Table with heading widget in your page or post to have a discussion with table. You can choose any colors for each column, depends on the type of data you want to show.

Table CSV File

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CSV File Example

If you have huge data need to show in table so you can use csv format data as csv file, just insert table element
and then select source csv format so it will automatically make table from your csv file.

First NameLast NameEmailGender
AndreaLarson[email protected]Female
HaroldYoung[email protected]Male
BrandonBishop[email protected]Male
PeterBrooks[email protected]Male
LillianFrazier[email protected]Female
WillieBell[email protected]Male
NicholasFlores[email protected]Male
JaniceLee[email protected]Female
CherylPorter[email protected]Female
FrankMills[email protected]Male
JackJames[email protected]Male
DonnaMatthews[email protected]Female
JessicaMyers[email protected]Female
BenjaminGreen[email protected]Male
RussellWillis[email protected]Male
MildredTorres[email protected]Female
WilliamSmith[email protected]Male
PaulGarcia[email protected]Male
VictorRice[email protected]Male
BeverlyMoreno[email protected]Female

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